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Upgrade your skincare ritual this ski season with our high-performance essentials.

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Freezing temperatures, blazing sunlight, and high-speed winds--hitting the slopes is an extreme sport for you and your skin, too. Because of this, it's important to prioritize moisturizing skincare products to protect against the cold and prevent any dryness, chapping, and irritation.

1. Apply an antioxidant-rich concentrate

You’ve heard of the benefits of consuming antioxidant-rich foods. Did you know that these botanical extracts can help protect your skin from harsh climates and environmental irritants by binding to the damaging free radicals that cause oxidative stress? Brighten your skin tone, minimize visible sun damage, and assist in the skin's natural repair process by applying an antioxidant-rich serum or essence after cleansing.

For your next ski trip, we recommend Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence. This highly concentrated facial essence deeply penetrates 20+ layers of the skin's surface to visibly repair and protect while transporting humectants into the skin to deliver hydration and a healthy glow. It's an essential prep step for comfortable skin on the slopes.

2. Protect the delicate eye area

The skin around the eyes is especially thin and delicate, making it prone to dryness and discomfort in colder temperatures. Cold winds may also cause your eyes to water, which can further irritate the surrounding skin. To firm, smooth, and protect the eye area, apply Black Tea Age Renewal Eye Cream morning and evening. The fast-absorbing formula helps improve the look of dark circles, visibly firm, and smooth crow’s feet while reviving tired eyes. It’s packed with a blend of black tea and rambutan leaf extracts for retinol-like results,* as well as vitamin C and wild ginger extract to brighten dark circles and reduce eye bags.

3. Support the moisture barrier

And now, for the most important skincare step in your ski trip--moisturizing. Cold climates challenge the skin barrier, increasing the likelihood of dehydration and distress. Add wind to the equation, and you risk skin becoming dry, itchy, red, and uncomfortable. A lipid-rich face cream, such as Crème Ancienne Soft Cream, will do more than soften snow-kissed skin--it will deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, which assists in stabilizing the barrier function, making the skin better able to protect itself.

Enriched with shea butter, which boasts excellent occlusive properties to prevent trans epidermal water loss; vitamin E to soften and protect; echinacea extract to improve the skin’s resistance to environmental aggressors; meadowfoam seed oil to nourish deeply; and chamomile wax to act as a protective barrier. Enjoy immediate comfort and relief with long-lasting effects.

4. Calm and replenish

By the end of a day spent in the snow, your skin might feel a bit sensitive. Fortunately, your body is intelligent and utilizes your sleep time to repair and regenerate. Assist this process with the Floral Recovery Calming Mask. This soothing overnight mask has been clinically proven to minimize signs of sensitivity, including redness, uneven skin tone, and rough texture. Powered by floral extracts--passionflower, cornflower, cherry blossom, and peony-- and enriched with vitamin C and squalane, wake up to bright, smooth skin...and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

5. Prevent chapped lips

Like the area around the eyes, the skin on the lips is delicate, and cold weather can often cause dehydration and flaking. Reach for Sugar Recovery Lip Mask Advanced Therapy to restore and condition your lips. This leave-on overnight lip mask, infused with berry wax, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid, nourishes lips to soothe and plump dry lips by morning.

More tips

  • Sunscreen: UV radiation is significantly higher at high altitudes, and the cold weather and headwinds when skiing often mask the burning sensation typically felt. This makes a high SPF an absolute necessity for the face and other exposed areas. Reapply every two hours to avoid burning and UV damage.

  • Hand cream: There are three skincare products you need to keep with you while soaring Alpine heights--sunscreen, lip balm, and hand cream. Milk Hand Cream provides a luxuriously creamy texture that instantly soothes hands and cuticles, providing all-day hydration.

  • Body lotion: Your body is more protected against environmental stressors than your face during skiing, but your skin can still experience dryness and discomfort. Remember to follow your showers with head-to-toe moisturizer. Our Milk Body Lotion provides long-lasting hydration and comfort.

  • Embrace saunas, steam rooms & hot tubs: There's a reason winter resorts often feature saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, and it's not just to warm you up. Not only do these facilities help soothe aching muscles and induce relaxation, they also increase circulation and hydration to your skin, giving you a natural glow. If you'd like to experience similar benefits from the comfort of your room or cabin, simply add Sake Bath soak to a steaming hot bath and enjoy the silky foaming formula that completely revitalizes your skin.

Experience healthy skin all year long

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and fire-lit nights this ski season without having to worry about dry, irritated skin. By combining potent natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science, fresh has created a range of skincare, bodycare, lip care, and fragrances for every skin type and season.

*ex vivo studies on BT Matrix™ ingredients; this product does not contain retinol

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