Grapeseed Oil for Skin

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Discover the benefits of grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed Oil

Discover the juicy details behind grapeseed oil. It’s no secret that nothing ages better than a fine wine, but what if grape-derived ingredients could benefit the skin? Meet grapeseed oil—the jack-of-all-trades ingredient you should be incorporating into your skincare routine. Long and widely used in the wellness space, this natural ingredient is starting to find a place on every skincare enthusiast’s vanity shelf. We’re here with a few reasons—and easy ways—to make this ingredient your next skincare and lip care essential.

What is grapeseed oil?

Grapeseed oil is exactly what it sounds like: a lightweight oil extracted from the pressed seeds of grapes! At fresh, the grapeseed oil used to make our fan-favorite Sugar lip balms and facial scrubs is a by-product of the wine industry—meaning it is upcycled (aka repurposed) to help reduce excess waste.

What are the benefits of grapeseed oil?

Grapeseed oil in skincare and lip care formulas help to smooth, soften, and maintain hydration.

What skin type is grapeseed oil best for?

As an herbal ingredient, grapeseed oil is suitable for all skin types. Using grapeseed oil in your skincare or lip care routine can help to smooth and soften.

How do I incorporate grapeseed oil into my routine?

Sometimes we get comfortable in our routines, so the idea of adding a new product can be tedious. With this in mind, we curated a list of skincare and lip care products with grapeseed oil that will make an easy swap or addition to your daily routine.

Rose Deep Hydration Petal-Soft Lip Balm

This soothing, hydrating lip balm drenches your lips in deep hydration for a silky-soft finish. Enriched with nourishing vitamin E, rose flower oil and grapeseed oil, this daily lip balms delivers 24-hour deep hydration to relieve dry, cracked lips.

Sugar Tinted Lip Balms

Our iconic tinted lip balms are widely loved for both their playful tints and efficacious benefits. These best-selling lip balms offer 24-hour hydration* for soft, smooth lips and sheer-to-buildable color. Infused with sugar from beet root and sugar cane and a duo of plant-based fruit oils (including grapeseed oil!), this buttery formula protects against dryness—leaving lips feeling and looking healthy.

Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

This gentle exfoliating face cleanser refines pores, smoothes the skin surface, and softens. The non-stripping face exfoliant and face wash hybrid whisks away deep impurities and makeup while smoothing texture and delivering lasting moisture. The efficacious formula features smoothing white sugar granules, softening grapeseed oil, and complexion-improving strawberry extract for deeply cleansed, healthy-looking skin.

Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator

This 2-in-1 face mask and face scrub refines texture, softens, and smoothes the skin. The exfoliating treatment is enriched with smoothing brown sugar crystals, softening grapeseed oil, hydrating plum seed oil, and brightening and soothing strawberries to deliver smooth, radiant skin. When your skin needs extra love post cleansing, swipe on for up to 10 minutes and enjoy the velvety soft benefits after rinsing.

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