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Our founders share what the holidays mean to them.

Lev and Alina

By Alina Roytberg & Lev Glazman

The holidays are always a time of celebration and joy. Warm scents and flavors envelop our spaces and remind us of the season. There is an exchange of positive energy and good wishes as we come together with families and friends. That celebratory spirit is in the air for weeks.

For us, it is also the time of year to see beyond beautiful objects and appreciate the meaning of beauty inside. The beauty of supportive friends and colleagues, of teams cheering each other on while achieving goals, and of connecting—truly connecting—to one another.

Each year since the birth of our company, these thoughts always come to us at the holidays: What makes us different at fresh? What unites and excites us? Why are we not afraid to take unconventional routes? Why are we so proud to stay true to our core values that still resonate every day, even when it is not the easiest path? Why do we need to know our team is doing well to feel well ourselves?

We can only think of only one reason—it matters. We matter. We matter as people—to ourselves, to our team, to our whole company, and most of all to each other.

When we get deep into the projects at hand, we emerge with a smile knowing our products may elevate someone’s day just a little bit. We can also do that for each other by sharing moments of humor, creativity, and support. Life is built of these moments, for these moments. And we create them.

Thank you for making some of these moments for us.

Happy holidays! Lev & Alina

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Written by Tori Douglas for Fresh. Tori is a NYC-based digital and brand strategist. Tori has worked for various publications and brands such as Kiehl's, The Body Shop, Deux Hommes Magazine, and Elite Daily with her expertise lying in the fashion & beauty space.