25 Years of Soy Face Cleanser

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Celebrating our most iconic product.

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Everyone washes their face. Most think of it as a necessity, or even worse, a chore. (Think: flossing--not the most enjoyable activity.) Soy Face Cleanser changed that.

25 years ago, fresh developed a face wash that’s not only effective but a true daily indulgence. With its cucumber scent, silky gel texture, and soft after-feel, Soy Face Cleanser refreshes both your skin and mind. It’s a minute of self-care that can change your outlook.

The power lies within the amino acid-rich soy proteins and other naturally derived ingredients. The fan favorite is formulated to gently cleanse plus maintain moisture, reduce visible redness, and support skin’s moisture barrier. This is what gives your skin that fresh, soft feeling instantly and a healthy look over time.

We believe it’s a fresh start to feel good.

The making of Soy Face Cleanser

Good skin starts with clean skin. Our founders introduced this motto at the beginning of fresh skincare and still use it today, because of how strongly we believe in the importance of a good cleanser. People underestimate the power of a cleanser. So many of your skincare steps could be changed or eliminated because of that. You need a cleanser that is gentle and won’t strip skin of essential moisture. If a cleanser is dehydrating or irritating, no matter what you follow it with you’re going to be fixing the problem of the cleanser rather than taking care of your skin. In short, a cleanser is your first step for keeping skin in balance and great shape. You want a clean canvas so the rest of your products can perform their function effectively.

When our founders were creating Soy Face Cleanser, they wanted it to be for every skin type. The idea was for a simple, universal product that takes care of all your cleansing needs, even makeup and eye makeup. That was their goal and a challenge back in 1999, because it’s not common to have a cleanser that’s safe around the eyes. That’s the magic of this product.

“It’s our unsung hero. It’s literally the number 1 thing in any beauty ritual. Anytime we’re in a fresh shop and someone asks what’s the one product I need to walk away, with we say Soy Face Cleanser. It represents the brand philosophy. Always start with Soy Face Cleanser. And it really jumpstarted our skincare line. It led us to masks and all of our other treatments. When we created it, we were committed to creating the best cleanser ever, taking into consideration people’s concerns, a universal formula for all skin types, and a specific texture with no residue that’s very difficult to replicate. From the moment we developed it, we knew it would be a very popular product.” –Lev & Alina, fresh co-founders

Loved since 1999

Don’t just believe us, here’s why Soy Face Cleanser has been a favorite since 1999.

“I have been using this product for almost 10 years now...It feels like a spa treatment in a bottle.”* - Emefes

“With one pump, I start my morning and end my night with this refreshing, calming, and feel good cleanser. It is a breath of fresh air. It sends me into a relaxed zone for two minutes.”* - Tesk

“My skin has felt so hydrated using this product. My face never feels dry or tight when I’ve used it.”* – Samuelle W.

“It feels so luxurious and leaves my skin feeling amazing.” – Cindy W.

“I have very sensitive skin and have struggled to find products that don't burn or irritate my face. This is very soothing, feels great, and smells great” – Amy B.

“I love the scent, I love the way it feels as it’s cleansing your face.” – Mandy M.

“Desert island product.”* – Luvnmusic

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