3-Step Skincare Routine for Healthy-Looking Skin

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Enjoy healthy skin in three easy steps.

Close up of fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Tea Elixir Serum and Black Tea Age Renewal Cream

At fresh, we practice skincare as self-care — taking a moment to yourself and indulging in the sensations of treating your skin. We also know that sometimes, life gets busy.

Maybe you forget to set your alarms the night before or prefer those extra ten minutes of beauty sleep; maybe you want to flop right into bed after a night out or don’t want to get up from your comfy spot on the bed after you finish watching your favorite TV show. Between these early mornings and late nights, the sheer thought of completing a full morning and evening skincare routine can be exhausting.

Since any skincare is better than no skincare, we’ve got your back with a quick and easy 3-step skincare routine to help maintain healthy-looking skin. Trust us — your skin will thank you.

1. Cleanse

Our first step in the process is to cleanse the skin by removing makeup, excess oil, and dirt, which will help to give a clean foundation for the skin to absorb all the products that follow.

For this step, we recommend Soy pH-Balanced Face Wash: a pH-balanced cleanser powered by soy proteins that gently cleanses pores and removes makeup while keeping skin hydrated and soft. The non-stripping formula — proven effective on all ages, genders, skin types, and tones — works to improve elasticity and soothe the skin for a healthy-looking complexion. To use, wet the skin and massage your facial cleanser over your face and eyes, then rinse with warm water.

2. Treat

After cleansing comes treatment, where you’ll deliver targeted benefits to the skin with a lightweight-yet-potent product such as a serum or essence. In this step, hone in to your skin's specific needs to find the right treatment for you, whether that's anti-aging, discoloration, or hydration.

If you’re looking to boost skin’s resilience to lifestyle stressors and refine the look of pores for smooth, glowing skin, we recommend Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum to treat the skin with Adaptive Phytocompound Tea (APT) Technology™ and niacinamide. To use, apply a few drops of the serum and press into the skin to activate.

If your skin is craving moisture and nourishment, try our Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum, which soothes and hydrates with rosewater and squalane to protect and prevent moisture loss, plus damask rose extract to strengthen the skin’s barrier. To use, shake well to mix the water and oil phases, and lightly pat onto the face with your palms for plump, radiant skin.

3. Moisturize

Finally, the last step in this simple routine is moisturizing, which will lock in the incredible benefits of your treatment product while providing your skin with much-needed moisture and protection.

As in the previous step, the type of moisturizer you choose will depend on your skin’s cravings, so be sure to check in to find the right fit for you. For weightless and balancing hydration that’s ideal under makeup, we recommend our new Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Emulsion, with lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid to visibly plump and deeply hydrate. If your skin craves extra comfort, you may prefer our Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer, with a duo of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids to instantly hydrate the skin’s surface and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. To moisturize the skin, apply a dime-sized amount to the face and neck daily.

Keep it simple, keep it fresh

When using the right skincare products that are safe and effective, formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients, and targeted to your skin type and needs, there's no need for an elaborate 10-step routine. Of course, you may want to treat yourself to a luscious face mask every now and then, but if simplicity means keeping to a regular routine, then simplicity is the way. For potent, sensorial skin and body care, shop fresh.

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