Girl Bosses @ Fresh

No ceilings here, ladies

On March 8, the world celebrates women’s achievements—social, cultural, and economical. Because, who runs the world? Girls! And with campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp, there’s no better time to empower women than RIGHT NOW (and look good while we’re doing it!).

So on International Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up leading ladies who are inspiring us in the beauty industry. No ceilings here—just blue skies and some girl bosses living their best lives.

Alina Roytberg

Position at Fresh: Co-founder, President, and Brand Director

Favorite Lip Treatment: Sugar Passion

Career advice to your 20-year-old self: “Watch and learn; be ‘in the world’ and ‘of the world.’”

When do you most feel like a “girl boss”? “Every day! And especially when I speak about Fresh, our company, our people, and our products.”

How do you destress? “I walk the dog, which always relaxes me since it is about basic needs and pure love. I read, watch my favorite programs/movies and videos, and shop online late at night. :)”

One career mantra to live by: “Trust your instincts! Your intuition will become your vision. Even if you make mistakes, they are yours to learn from.”

Best lesson you’ve learned from your female peers: “It may never be 100% of what you want every day, but if 85% is good enough, move forward. Don’t regret anything, because the next thing may be 100% of what you want.”

How does passion work into your day-to-day? “If you care about what you do, and how you do it, the passion is there. No one can do or create your story, because it is your story.”

Sarah Curtis Henry

Position at Fresh: Vice President, Global Marketing

Favorite Lip Treatment: Sugar Tulip

Career advice to your 20-year-old self: “Go with your heart and try something crazy. I would have found my way to what I love much earlier if I had not been so conservative about my career choices at such a young age.”

When do you most feel like a “girl boss”? “There comes a point when you realize the gravity of being in front of room of people, anticipating that your leadership will give them closure or direction on hot button issues. That’s what drives their next steps and gives them the ability to meet their own objectives and career ambition.”

How do you destress? “I have rambunctious 2-year-old whose smile melts my heart. I love spending quality time with my family, discovering new spots around the city, and blowing off steam with good girlfriends never gets old. “

One career rule to live by: “Don’t take no for an answer. You own your career—never to forget that you are your own enterprise.”

Best lesson you’ve learned from your female peers: “The importance of walking tall and holding your head high when you’re in the room. Never be intimidated. You deserve to be there.”

How does passion work into your day-to-day? “I love the dynamism and creativity of the beauty biz and the passion of my colleagues and our consumers. You know you’re on to something when you can have fun, even in the most challenging situations.”

Tiffany Marie Corpuz

Position at Fresh: Global Digital Program Manager

Favorite Lip Treatment: Sugar Coral

Career advice to your 20-year-old self: “Get experience by interning during college and network like crazy. The beauty industry is small and you never know who you’ll end up working with in the future.  And snail mail is never a bad idea.”

When do you most feel like a “girl boss”? “After a great brainstorm meeting.  I feel so nerdy saying this, but love it when you leave a meeting feeling inspired. Sky’s the limit!”

How do you destress? “A great boxing session and a NW Method class.”

One career mantra to live by: “Know your self-worth—no one else is going to tell you. This is a theme for all things in life: your friendships, job, and most importantly, salary.”

Best lesson you’ve learned from your female peers: “If you don’t know something, go out and learn it. Knowing something first-hand will help you make better decisions. Anticipate your boss’s needs; it’s a great feeling to have something ready when your boss asks for it.”

How does passion work into your day-to-day? “Being passionate about my work is critical. I always say, ‘I live and breathe digital.’  My life is on Instagram because this is my norm…and I have an online package waiting for me at home every day!  Plus, I LOVE SKINCARE. I’m obsessed!”