What’s Your Fresh Love Language?

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Make gifting more meaningful by discovering your fresh language.

Fresh Language

There are four fresh ways of expressing love through gifting—celebration, connection, empowerment, and generosity. It’s all about understanding the emotion behind the gift and how a person likes to show and receive affection. Because whether it’s celebrating a special day or just because—the gift of fresh is a gift of love.


Those who “speak” the language of celebration revel in the feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone special or honoring a fresh start. This language is strongest around the holidays and new year.


Those who “speak” the language of connection cherish the feeling of bonding—with others, yourself, or even nature. Whether it’s falling in love, honoring a friendship, or appreciating our planet, this language is most present on Valentine’s Day and Earth Day.


Those who “speak” the language of empowerment enjoy expressing who they are and recognizing all they can achieve. Whether through breaking boundaries as a woman or embracing your true self, this language thrives on International Women’s Day and Pride.


Those who “speak” the language of generosity revere the feeling of gratitude. From thanking mom for everything she does to making dad proud, this language peaks around Mother and Father’s Day.

Ready to discover your fresh language? Take the quiz below to find out!

What makes you feel special?

A. Somebody throwing you a party

B. A loved one going out of their way to spend time with you

C. Being recognized for your accomplishments

D. Pride from those you look up to

Which is most meaningful to you?

A. Starting fresh in the new year

B. Taking a walk outdoors

C. Embracing what makes you feel like you

D. Making mom feel special for all she’s done

Which would you rather receive?

A. Lip care

B. Masks

C. Full skincare routine

D. Bodycare

Which would you rather give?

A. Rose Face Mask

B. Soy Face Cleanser

C. Lotus Antioxidant Daily Moisturizer

D. Milk Body Collection

How would you share love with those you care about?

A. Throw them a dinner party

B. Time spent together

C. Always cheering them on

D. Sharing gratitude

If most of your answers were A, your fresh language is Celebration.

If most of your answers were B, your fresh language is Connection.

If most of your answers were C, your fresh language is Empowerment.

If most of your answers were D, your fresh language is Generosity.

In-between languages?

Let us help you build your own gift set. It’s a sweet way to make sure they give the perfect gift. Start by selecting four fresh products—skincare, lip care, body care, fragrance, it’s up to you—and add a personal message. We’ll finish it up by boxing it up for you. A truly one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind person.

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