Travel Size Skincare to Pack in Your Carry-On

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Upgrade your carry-on with high-performance skincare products in mini sizes.

Travel Size Skincare

The 24-hour mark has hit, and it’s time to check in for your flight! It isn’t just the countdown to take-off; it’s the last hours you have left to drop your dog off with the sitter, hit the mall for an extra bikini, and pack your suitcase! The stress begins to build in making sure everything is sized to perfection to avoid extra fees or TSA tossing your favorite skincare product before your trip. No matter your destination, you deserve to have your skincare essentials. We’ve put together a guide of 5 travel size skincare products for the perfect getaway!

Soy pH-Balanced Hydrating Face Wash

This triple threat face wash is a must-have no matter the trip. Our best-selling face cleanser deeply removes impurities, boosts hydration, and tones skin. Powered by soy proteins, aloe vera, and cucumber, it reveals clean, supple skin with every wash.

Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner

This non-alcoholic, non-stripping toner deeply hydrates skin, softens, and refines the look of pores while it preps skin for next steps. Enriched with damask rose extract, this lightweight face toner keeps your skin impurity-free, hydrated, and supple from departure to arrival.

Lotus Antioxidant Daily Moisturizer

This high-performance face cream delivers around-the-clock hydration while protecting skin from antioxidants to promote radiant, youthful-looking skin. Powered by vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and Super Lotus, this line-reducing, skin-strengthening moisturizer is a no-brainer for any carry-on.

Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

Put packing worries to bed with our advanced overnight mask that recovers skin from the look of tiredness and intensely moisturizes throughout the night. Formulated with potent black tea, hyaluronic acid, and firming peptides, our coveted sleeping mask means you'll awake to your best skin no matter where you are seeing the sunrise.

Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Balm

Last but not least, bring a tinted lip balm from our iconic lip care collection. Our top-selling tinted lip balm, Sugar Rosé, hydrates and smoothes lips while adding a pop of color to a casual look. Powered by sugar plus vitamin C and vitamin E, it will kiss dry lips goodbye and add a new staple to your carry-on.

Don't miss out on your skincare routine just because it doesn't fit in your luggage. Whether a spontaneous trip or long-awaited getaway, discover more travel size skincare to take on your journey.

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