5 Step Anti-Aging Routine for Youthful Skin

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Look as good as you feel with our anti-aging routine featuring our Crème Ancienne collection.

Creme Ancienne

Don’t be fooled by the category name: Anti-aging skincare is for all ages, skin types, and skin tones. Everyone needs nourishing formulas to protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier while addressing signs of aging. Enter fresh’s Crème Ancienne Collection, featuring restorative properties that help to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, improve stability and elasticity, and intensely nourish. Whether you’re looking to prevent or correct signs of aging, these anti-aging skincare must-haves will give you a smooth, radiant, youthful look.

What causes skin aging?

The natural aging process is caused by two factors: a weakened skin structure and weakened skin barrier. As we age, our skin’s structure weakens due to a reduction in structural proteins and lipids, which help keep the skin elastic and supple. Age also causes our skin barrier to become more delicate and fragile, and susceptible to losing moisture and becoming less resistant to external aggressors such as free radicals, pollutants, and UV rays. As a result, skin looks less supple and firm and more dehydrated with pronounced fine lines and wrinkles.

How can I address skin aging?

The best way to address aging—whether you have a fragile skin barrier or a weakened skin structure—is with a mature skincare routine such as fresh’s heritage Crème Ancienne Collection. Inspired by the world’s first cream created by 2nd century influential scientist Claudius Galenus, the premium collection features formulas with the same precise craftmanship and care used thousands of years ago, but with nourishing, restorative ingredients available today such as meadowfoam seed oil. With its fatty acid composition, our hero ingredient penetrates the skin with ease to provide a smooth and supple foundation. Below is our recommended 5-step anti-aging skincare routine to restore skin’s vitality and youth.

Our 5-Step Ritual To Restore Your Skin's Natural Beauty

Step 1: Intensely nourish & improve elasticity

Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask

This one-of-a-kind, decadent mask is made with 38% Buckfast bee honey that leaves behind a comforting veil of nourishment while soothing delicate, fragile skin and improving elasticity. The formula is further enriched with echinacea extract and vitamin E to help protect and soften, and it is non-comedogenic—meaning it won’t clog your pores—leaving skin silky and velvety with a plumper look. To use, smooth over cleansed, damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 8 to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Can be used morning or night, 3 to 4 times a week.

Step 2: Visibly reduce lines & improve luminosity

Crème Ancienne Supreme Face Serum

This anti-aging face serum is expertly crafted with precious root and botanical extracts (commiphora, ginseng, and echinacea) as well as meadowfoam seed oil to address signs of aging—smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, improving elasticity, and enhancing luminosity. The serum, for mature skin or delicate skin, also protects against future damage, leaving skin nourished, soft, supple, and comforted. To use, pump 3 times and smooth onto forehead and cheeks. Repeat on neck. Can be used every morning and night.

Step 3: Visibly smooth crow’s feet while firming

Crème Ancienne Eye Cream

This rich, intensely nourishing eye cream diminishes the look of puffiness and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet—all while providing moisture. The eye treatment’s decadent texture and rich ingredients—meadowfoam seed oil and sugar apple seed extract—help to nourish and visibly firm the fragile skin barrier around the eye. To use, gently smooth onto the eye area with your ring finger; use both morning and night.

Step 4: Nourish & smooth the look of wrinkles

Crème Ancienne Face Oil Elixir

This restorative beauty elixir is loved for its omega-rich nourishing oils that provide soothing comfort to a fragile skin barrier while improving skin’s suppleness. Rich in meadowfoam seed and seabuckthorn oil, the formula absorbs quickly and is proven to smooth the look of lines, leaving skin looking plumped and nourished. To use, lightly massage 2 to 3 drops onto your face and around the orbital bone, avoiding the eye area.

Step 5: Visibly restore skin in 4 weeks

Crème Ancienne or Crème Ancienne Soft Cream

Both of these face creams are ideal moisturizers for aging skin or fragile skin, due to their proven ability to visibly restore the skin’s weakened barrier, improve skin’s stability, and smooth the look of lines and wrinkles. In fact, both moisturizers were specifically tested to be suitable post-dermatological procedure,* such as laser treatments, intense pulsed light, ultra-light peel, and tight sculpting that may cause irritation or the skin barrier to be fragile and weakened.

*tolerance assessment by dermatologist, 30 subjects who underwent a non-invasive dermatological procedure before applying Crème Ancienne/Crème Ancienne Soft Cream for 4 consecutive weeks.

The difference in each moisturizer in the texture: Crème Ancienne face cream has a rich formulation that is handmade in a monastery and is the closest in feel to Claudius Galenus’ original formula. It needs to be warmed up between the fingers before smoothing onto the skin. Crème Ancienne Soft Cream has a soft, whipped texture that glides on easily. The two restorative face creams are made with special care to retain the composition and texture of their ingredients, such as meadowfoam seed oil and chamomile wax.

Known for its fatty acid composition, meadowfoam seed oil penetrates the top layer of the epidermis for inner nourishment, while chamomile wax works as a soothing, protective barrier to help decrease dry spots while softening the skin. It’s like a nourishing shield for your skin. To use the Crème Ancienne moisturizer, warm the cream between the palms. Then gently press and smooth onto cheeks, chin, and forehead; repeat on neck. When using Crème Ancienne Soft Cream, smooth the cream between fingertips and then glide on the same areas in a circular motion. The face creams can be used both morning night.

Discover our Crème Ancienne Collection to address the signs of aging.

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