A Journey in Every Jar

By combining potent natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science, fresh creates beauty products that perform with experiences that transform.

It all started with a dream...

Fresh Founders

Fresh Founders

In 1991, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg were Russian immigrants living in Boston, and they saw the need for beauty that was both effective and indulgent.

Natural Born Pioneers Image

Natural Born Pioneers

They started dreaming about opening a shop that offered natural products from around the world, where the ambience was friendly like the food bazaars of Europe. With that, fresh was born.

Original Shopkeepers Image

Original Shopkeepers

Lev and Alina opened a store that instantly engaged their community, touching people’s hearts as well as their skin. Their first product was a soap that they hand-wrapped themselves.

Sky's the limit image

Sky's the Limit

When they couldn’t find products that looked, smelled, and felt as good as they worked, they started making their own. That same passion and pioneering spirit has kept the brand innovative for decades.

Born in Boston

Born in Boston, Raised in New York

What began as a small collection in a neighborhood shop has evolved into a full lifestyle line of skincare, lip care, bodycare, and fragrance sold all over the world. The sensoriality of our products—their textures and scents—sets them apart. But they’re also scientifically proven to work extremely well. It’s this combination of high efficacy and amazing sensations that we’re known for, and why those who know us love us. Lev says fresh creates products people don’t know they need—and then can’t live without. Our founders still work with the brand every day to fulfill their original dream of making beauty that performs and transforms.

Our Fresh Thinking

We are driven by our never complacent indie spirit where the sky's the limit. This approach is initiated by Lev and Alina and lived by the entire organization. Our boundless curiosity fuels our search for the extraordinary, whether it’s a moment of pleasure in nature or an experience of generosity in our shops. Where fresh goes, beauty follows. We’re pioneers—in product, in experience, in culture, and in process. We believe that fresh is more than what it sells; it’s the emotional connection to the brand that we call the sixth sense. It’s the heartfelt experience we craft for our people and our guests.