How to Build an Eye Care Routine

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The best products for your delicate eye area.

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All about the eye area

Eyes in their unique and beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes, help us experience this gorgeous world. Not only do they allow us to see—they allow us to express… shedding a tear when we are sad, emoting delight when we are happy, and maybe both simultaneously when we are crying on-the-floor laughing. Our eyes have a lot to do; they’re busy to say the least. And this is why your eye area deserves extra care!

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is different than the skin on your face? The delicate skin around your eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of your face. Plus, it has fewer oil glands and is constantly in motion. (Just think about how many times you have moved your eyes in the last 10 seconds!) Blinking, squinting, rubbing, removing makeup along with allergies, tiredness and stress can take a toll. Because of these factors, your eye area is more prone to dryness and one of the first areas to show fatigue and signs of aging.

The key to combatting these eye concerns is a results-oriented, feel-good, fool-proof eye care routine!

The start of your eye care routine

You may already know this golden rule of skincare (and we’ll repeat it in case you need a reminder!) but good skin starts with clean skin—and the same goes for your gentle eye area.

While we are all tempted to reach for a harsh, potent eye makeup remover to take off that no-budge eyeliner, long-lasting undereye concealer, and waterproof mascara, these formulas can dry out the delicate eye area. Trouble is—if you don’t use an effective eye makeup remover, you’ll end up tugging and rubbing the thin area of skin. And if you aren’t doing anything to take it all off, your makeup and impurities can irritate this portion of skin that’s already prone to sensitivity. So what do you do and where do you start?

Try removing makeup and cleansing the eye area with a gentle, makeup removing cleanser like Soy Face Cleanser. This soy cleanser is designed to be used on the face and the eye area. The extra-gentle gel formula removes dirt, impurities and makeup (even stubborn eye makeup like mascara), while keeping skin supple, nourished, and hydrated. Plus, it’s ophthalmologist tested to be safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. This best-selling product leverages soy proteins, as well as aloe vera which will smooth, soothe, and hydrate skin. When your skin’s eye area is cleansed properly, the following steps of your eye care and skincare regimen will work more effectively.

Here's a pro tip for eye makeup wearers! Delicately lather a pea-sized amount of fresh soy cleanser around the damp eye area. Then, gently press cotton rounds saturated with warm water on closed eyes. Hold for two seconds and slowly and carefully wipe away. Repeat to remove any extra remnants of longwearing eye makeup.

Build your routine with eye serum and eye cream

The difference between eye creams and eye serums is that eye serums are more fluid and lightweight, allowing them to easily penetrate skin and deliver targeted ingredients. Because eye serums quickly absorb, you can easily layer eye serum with eye cream. (We love White Truffle Eye Serum layered with Crème Ancienne Eye Cream—this duo will have your eye area both rejuvenated and restored!) Pair your eye serum with an eye cream and your eye area will thank you for added nourishment and additional targeted ingredients and benefits.

To build the rest of your perfect eye care routine, choose treatment products specifically designed for the delicate eye area that fit your eye area wishes.

Wishing for a rejuvenated eye area? Try Crème Ancienne White Truffle Eye Serum!

White Truffle Eye Serum visibly defines, lifts and firms the eye contour, smooths crow’s feet and lines, and brightens and reduces visible dark circles under eyes and eye puffiness. This anti-aging eye serum works to improve eight elements of skin quality for the eyes: crow’s feet, undereye lines, eyelid texture, lifted eye area, defined eye area, firmness, brightness/radiance, and awakened appearance. How does it address all these skin concerns? fresh’s exclusive white truffle extract, elevates skin’s quality and design from within! Thanks to this advanced ingredient technology you’ll see significantly redefined, radiant eyes.

Wishing to restore a delicate, fragile eye area? Try Crème Ancienne Eye Cream!

This eye cream is intensely nourishing and melts into skin. It’s perfect for a fragile eye area or post-dermatological procedure because it works to create a nourishing, protective barrier and strengthen against signs of aging. You’ll see visibly smoothed eye wrinkles and crow’s feet and even improved firmness. And your eye area will feel comforted and soothed.

Wishing for a radiant, youthful eye area? Try Lotus Eye Cream!

Lotus Eye Cream addresses the first signs of aging thanks to multi-action Super Lotus, which is ethically sourced* from Ten Mile Creek Farm in Alabama and helps protect from daily stressors. This eye cream is lightweight but power-packed, helping to smooth fine lines and texture, boost radiance, minimize puffiness and create a youthful, bright-eyed look.

*UEBT verified

Wishing for a smooth, renewed and revived eye area? Try Black Tea Age Renewal Eye Cream!

Black Tea Eye Cream with its retinol-like power* thanks to it’s BT Matrix TM, corrects signs of aging around the eye area (i.e. under eye, crow’s feet, eyelid, and brow bone)—and the texture is a dream come true! It’s fast-absorbing and is formulated to have an instant blurring & smoothing effect, allowing it to layer beautifully under concealer. With this eye cream, you’ll see visibly improved dark circles, a firmer eye area, and minimized crow’s feet for a brighter, smoother look.

While delicate, your eyes are powerful! A complete eye care routine based on your eye wishes will give your eye area what it needs—and give you an extra boost of confidence!

*ex vivo studies on BT Matrix™ ingredients; this product does not contain retinol

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