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Welcome to a fresh take, where we welcome experts from all backgrounds to have mindful conversations around relevant topics, all timed, perfectly to your masking experience. Sit back, apply your favorite mask and press play.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (00:36)

Hi, I'm Michael from the Communications team. Today on ‘A fresh Take,’ we welcome back Carlo Marenda was is going to discuss the irony of preserving and passing on a secret tradition. The passion of truffle hunt, specifically the white truffle of Alba Italy. The white truffle is a new hero ingredient for the fresh clemency and white truffle overnight mask. Carlo is the co-founder of saved the truffle and an organization that fresh is supporting and whose mission is to protect the biodiversity and Saba fare of the white trouble in this world. Heritage UNESCO site. Carlo welcome back,

[GUEST] Carlo: (01:16)

Happy to be back and the speaker with you again, thank you for your hospital.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (01:23)

So, Carlo, last time you took us on a journey to a region in Italy, the Piedmont region, where we learned about the white truffle Tartufo Bianco, as you say, in Italian, you explained how special it was and the immense passion the truffle hunter has for this tradition, the region nature, and even his dog, I guess you could say we journeyed to a place to an old world, even separated by technology and digital devices carried on by the older generation. Today. We want to switch gears a bit and look forward and think about the white trouble in the future. Your organization is called save the truffle, which implies that the truffles themselves are at risk. And how do we save something? When so much of it is actually a secret tradition, right?

[GUEST] Carlo: (02:18)

Yes. I will have to see what I can share.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (02:22)

Okay. And the answer I expected, let's start with a question before even being sure we preserve the tradition of truffle hunting. What about the truffle itself? When we think of the rare ingredients, there is always the risk of an equilibrium changing that could change what we know today. And as we see the world's climate changing around us will tell us what is happening in Piedmont. And is this disturbing the white truffle yes?

[GUEST] Carlo: (02:51)

Climate change is impacting the biodiversity and the ecosystem of the white truffle summer season are getting longer, which has a degrees, the hunting diamond for the white truffle, and therefore also the quantity of the white truffle plan. We need the perfect climate condition. We derived the humidity and rain fall. Whenever we have a too high of temperatures, body climates, advent, this damage, the life cycle of the truck.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (03:39)

So then how is your organization Saved the Truffle helping?

[GUEST] Carlo: (03:44)

We try to protect the woods and the truffle and be wrong, man, through a series of action. We always call Stanley talk with how nurse of the woods and the farms to see how we can add. Sometime we offer them a white truffle to add them, work with us. We do maintenance in the woods and the farms in the three spaces where the ground is sweet table. We plant new trees with a truffle vocation. These operation preserve the bureau diversity for the future generation. With the support of the fresher, we will be able to do more of these activity. They usually take place in a late winter or early spring season.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (04:47)

So it sounds like we're doing our part now, so that at least we maintain as best as we can the biodiversity of the region so that the white truffle begins to grow. But that that's only one part of it. From our last conversation, we understood that the act of trouble hunting is very unique, very secretive, mostly done during the night by a small group of men and their dogs. Not truly official work, but rather a passion. Some could say it's a passion of just a small group of people from the older generation, but to conserve it, you certainly will need to raise awareness about it. How are you doing that?

[GUEST] Carlo: (05:27)

Yes. Truffle hunting, uh, so important to our Piedmont, Italy and the community here. It's been part of our history for 200 years, Alba international truffle festival he's in the 91, heres the oldest in Italy, there are 4,000 truffle Antar, but the over 50% them are over the age of 60 chaplain thing is a passion and not an feature job. It's the perfect hobby for someone who is retired from the work that you have a time to train the dog and, and do the maintenance in the forest. See each monster truffle entourage. So hold, we must intrigue the future generation to wholesale, wanted to truffle hunt. One way that we empower the children and the teens of Alba is true. The lesson, we educate them on the history and tradition, but also the environment and the respect for the natural fresher support. These are fed the TASA, especially for the boys and girl who are from 13 to 16 at sold. We believe that this is the right agent to educate them on natural and the get the to make changes. Now

[MODERATOR] Michael: (07:31)

In normal times, not during this ongoing pandemic, what do you share in these lessons?

[GUEST] Carlo: (07:38)

One last one are divided into several bots. The first is [inaudible]. What is the truffle? How its growth its characteristic. The second part is connected to the traditional educated on the truffle hunting history and how it changes. The third part is about the dog and the story of how our save a truffle project was.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (08:25)

It's amazing to see how you connect the generations in your region and to see yourself and your organization saved the truffle as the bridge between this older generation and the future generation.

[GUEST] Carlo: (08:40)

The white truffle is our most important tradition in Pyrmont there. And the, for the city of, I was lucky enough to know and all that truffle Lanter and being brought into this world, I would like it to do the same with the new generation in order to guarantee a future for the white truffle sense Albury, none of [inaudible] without the trees, we will have no more trouble.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (09:17)

Wow. That's beautiful. And it says a lot about your work and save the truffles work well, Carlo, this has been an incredible conversation yet again, thank you so much for sharing with us about your passion for the region, the white truffle, and how your organization saved. The truffle is working to preserve this unique treasure and passion. You have certainly inspired me and I hope to join you on a visit one day soon in Alba.

[GUEST] Carlo: (09:44)

It will be my pleasure. Thank you. And thank you to fresh.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (09:48)

Thank you all for tuning in while you were enjoying a moment of self care to another episode of ‘A fresh Take.’

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Thanks for listening to a fresh take and indulging in some feel good beauty for the skin and mind.

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