Nurturing the Skin of the Earth

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Discover fresh's sustainability journey.

Caring for the SKin of the Earth

At fresh, our greater good is all about giving back to nature for a thriving, harmonious world that is forever fresh. Because nature is our destination for innovation, we are committed to protecting biodiversity where we source our ingredients around the world. We’re helping to regenerate diverse ecosystems with local communities for the health of our planet and our future.

What is biodiversity and why does it matter?

Biodiversity is the variety of all living things—plants, animals, fungi, and even microorganisms—that make up our natural world. Each of these species work together in complex ecosystems to maintain balance and support life. But our planet’s biodiversity is in danger. For example, there are 500,000 estimated plant species today,* but two in five of these species are believed to be threatened with extinction.** And 60% of terrestrial wildlife has been lost in the last 50 years.***

What is fresh doing to help?

fresh is proud to be the first LVMH brand to become a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), an internationally recognized nonprofit association that promotes ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity. Since 2020, fresh has worked with UEBT to improve the way we select and source our hero ingredients. This involves on-site assessments of local suppliers and cultivation of wild collection areas with verifications against the UEBT standard. The verification process is based on UEBT’s 7 principles, with the aim of showing progress toward sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity. To date, we’ve completed assessments on all our skincare hero ingredients and are working to implement improvement plans based on the findings.

Biodiversity connects us all, and connection is at the heart of our brand. Our sustainability journey also includes engaging with future generations and helping youth thrive with access to nature. We are committed to doing our part today, tomorrow, and always to leave the future generation with a world that is forever fresh.


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