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The Earth is Our Founders' Original Inspiration

And we have always been deeply committed to protecting it. As a brand, we are dedicated to implementing practices that are better for the planet.

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Our lab's construction is certified High Quality Environmental (HQE), and we work with the most responsible suppliers and production sites that use methods that minimize the impact on the environment and biodiversity. Our main manufacturing facilities are powered by renewable energy and are ISO 14001 certified (an international standard that sets requirements for effective environmental management).

For our top 25 products, we reduced our transportation carbon footprint by more than 75% between 2014 and 2018 by sourcing locally to where the formula is produced and filled. We are committed to further lowering our carbon footprint on all of our products and new innovations.

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In total, our glass products are made of 17% post-consumer recycled glass (in 2018 alone, that’s equivalent to the weight of the Statue of Liberty). Our blue gift boxes and bags are 100% plastic-free because we have removed lamination, and we've limited our use of liners and extra layers to reduce waste. Our gift sets are made with certified cardboard ensuring it’s from responsibly managed forests. We are working toward having all of our paper packaging certified by 2022.We have LED lighting in 80% of our freestanding fresh shops, with a goal of all by 2021.

We are constantly innovating with new technologies to deliver the most potency from our ingredients with minimal environmental impact. You can read more about how we formulate here.

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