The Benefits of Using Exfoliating Body Scrubs

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The key to a clear complexion and healthy-looking skin.

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When it comes to skincare, it’s all too common to neglect the skin below our neckline. Incorporating exfoliating scrubs into your weekly routine is a great way to buff out the stress of a long day, along with dead skin cells, replenishing your skin’s natural glow. Discover four reasons regular exfoliation should be a part of your body care ritual.

4 Reasons a body scrub should be in your skincare routine

Body scrubs could be the key to the radiant, smooth complexion you’ve been chasing. These formulas generally contain a mixture of oils, aromatic essences, and coarse materials like sugar, coffee grounds, or salt to help you achieve smoother, more radiant skin. Body exfoliators are often seen as an indulgence rather than a body care essential, but there are many benefits to using them.

1. Revitalises the skin

Skin cell regeneration is an ongoing process; as old skin cells die, they give way to fresh ones. These dead skin cells can fall off naturally, but it's common for some of these microscopic cells to build up on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores and leaving your skin feeling and looking dull. One of the main benefits of using an exfoliating scrub is to clear away the build-up of these dead skin cells, revealing the renewed skin below.

2. Maximises Hydration

Hydrated skin is happy skin. Hydration helps maintain the elasticity and resilience of your skin and is the foundation of a healthy, glowing complexion. What many people don’t know, however, is that your skin’s ability to soak up moisture is heightened after you exfoliate.

Exfoliating with body scrubs removes the barrier of dead skin cells that can prevent moisturisers from penetrating as deeply as they need to. This process enhances the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, ensuring that when you apply lotions or oils, they work more effectively to hydrate your skin.

3. Helps prepare the skin for beauty treatments

Whether you’re someone who self-tans regularly, or even if you’re simply after a smoother shave or more gentle waxing experience, exfoliation should be an integral part of your routine. Exfoliating with a body scrub not only removes the skin cells that get in the way of a perfect, streak-free tan, but it also makes your skin smoother, allowing for a closer shave and more comfortable wax. Plus, exfoliation helps open up your pores and lift hairs away from the skin’s surface, minimising the likelihood of those troublesome ingrown hairs.

4. Promotes relaxation and ignites the senses

Self-care is undeniably important, especially with the stresses we face in our daily lives. Taking the time to exfoliate with a good body scrub, particularly those with a scent you enjoy, not only pampers your skin but also serves as a relaxing and therapeutic escape. The soothing textures and aromas of a scented scrub work together to envelop your senses, providing a serene moment to unwind and recharge. Plus, the gentle circular motion used to massage exfoliators into your skin can improve your blood flow, enhancing your skin’s natural glow.

The top body exfoliator pick from fresh

The Brown Sugar Body Polish Exfoliator offers a gentle yet effective way to care for your skin. Its primary ingredient, brown sugar crystals, provides a natural exfoliation that helps to gently lift away dead skin cells, promoting smoother, more radiant skin. It’s also infused with a blend of natural oils that moisturise and nourish the skin during exfoliation. The addition of a sweet citrus scent enhances the sensory experience, turning the simple act of exfoliation into a true act of self-care.

How to use a body scrub effectively

Body scrubs are by no means a complex product with detailed instructions for use. Still, there are tips you can apply to ensure you’re maximising the benefits of this step in your skincare routine.

  1. Preparing for exfoliation: It’s important to start the exfoliation process with clean skin. Cleansing your skin in a warm shower or bath will not only remove dirt, oil, and other surface impurities so that the scrub can exfoliate more effectively, it will help soften your skin and open up your pores. The benefits here are twofold: firstly, it makes it easier for the scrub to remove dead skin cells without causing irritation, and secondly, it makes your skin more receptive to the nourishing ingredients in the scrub.
  2. Don’t be shy when applying: Use a generous amount of the formula, starting at your feet and working upwards in gentle, circular motions towards your heart, enhancing your blood flow and lymphatic drainage while promoting relaxation.
  3. Use a gentle application technique: The scrub includes abrasive ingredients, so it’s important to exfoliate with a light hand, especially over the more sensitive areas of your body. Being too aggressive could lead to micro-tears or irritation, especially in areas like the chest, where the skin is thinner.
  4. Rinse off all of the product: After exfoliating each area, rinse off the scrub under lukewarm water until all granules have been washed away. Rinsing your body thoroughly can help prevent any leftover scrub from irritating your skin.
  5. Gentle drying: Pat your skin dry with a soft towel to avoid disrupting your skin’s natural moisture barrier or causing irritation to the fresh layer of skin cells.
  6. Deep moisturising: It’s important to apply a generous layer of a nourishing moisturiser to lock in hydration immediately after patting yourself dry. This step is crucial because freshly exfoliated skin is more permeable and can better absorb the hydrating benefits of your body lotion.

Remember, even though exfoliating agents have some fantastic benefits, it’s best to use them sparingly; two to three times a week is ideal. Over-exfoliation can strip the skin of natural oils, leading to dryness or irritation. Take note of how your skin feels and adjust how often you exfoliate according to what works best for you.

Unlock your skin's natural radiance with a gentle fresh exfoliator

Body exfoliators are more than just a way to pamper yourself; they’re a crucial component in looking after your skin. Exfoliating scrubs get rid of dead skin cells, helping your skin stay hydrated and ensuring that your skin can absorb the full benefits of the rest of your skincare products. Regular exfoliation is a simple yet effective way to maintain a radiant and healthy complexion from head to toe. Embrace the indulgence of fresh scrubs and make them a staple in your routine to reveal your skin’s natural glow and vitality.

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