Our Difference

What's Your Skin Craving Today?

At fresh, we believe your skin is a living organ with ever-changing needs depending on where you live, the time of year, or even the day. You know how sometimes you feel like richer foods and other times lighter veggies? It’s because your body has cravings—and the same goes for your skin. That’s why we create products that can be used in any combination and have a mask for every mood. Listen to your skin. It will tell you what it wants—in any given moment. And we’ll tell you what works.

Mask Your Way, Every Day

We believe so much in masks that we want you to have more than one, and we created these categories to show you how to use them together. There are three main moments for masking: prepping to maximize your routine, enhancing for instant self-care, and overnight for addressing concerns while you sleep. To make a custom ritual, pick one from each and apply in that order.


My skin is craving...

…a deep clean
Choose Umbrian Clay Face Mask

…a 5-minute reset
Choose Lotus Youth Preserve Mask

…an energizing glow
Choose Vitamin Nectar Face Mask

…gentle exfoliation
Choose Sugar Face Polish

ENHANCE Story Image

My skin is craving...

…a surge of hydration
Choose Rose Face Mask

…smooth perfection
Choose Black Tea Perfecting Mask

…intense nourishment
Choose Crème Ancienne Honey Mask


My skin is craving...

…a little lift
Choose Black Tea Firming Mask

…next-level hydration
Choose Rose Deep Hydration Mask

…a boost of brightness
Choose Peony Brightening Mask