Our Inspiration

Wild at Heart

At fresh, beauty is born from boundless curiosity. The world has always been our founders’ lab. True explorers, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg have spent their lives traveling the earth to uncover natural wonders and cultural wisdom, and they draw endless inspiration from their experiences—for a mask with the texture of a cloud, or a bath soak based on the beauty rituals of geishas. This process of discovery is spontaneous and unpredictable, driven by Lev and Alina’s irrepressible wanderlust. Once they have a vision for a product, it comes to life through obsessive research and development at a world-class laboratory by a team of over 200 scientific experts. It’s this blend of passion and precision that makes fresh products as effective as they are indulgent.

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Preserving the Past

Our founders have a deep respect for beauty rituals trusted across time and cultures. Many of their product inspirations come from longstanding traditions of their own—such as their Russian grandmothers using sugar to heal their scrapes as children—or that they’ve encountered on their travels. Take the story of Umbrian Clay, which transformed the skin of their friend who suffered from blemishes and led them to discover it’s been used in therapeutic treatments since ancient times. And Crème Ancienne is based on the formula of the world’s first cream, developed in the 2ndcentury by the physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius who created various balms used on gladiators. By applying modern science to these age-old practices, fresh preserves them while making them even more powerful.

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