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Fresh創辦人 Lev 及 Alina 一直受到世界各地天然成分和文化傳統所啟發。我們在乎地球及人們,自1991年為肌膚研創安全、有效和牽引感官的產品。

尤如我們呵護自己肌膚一樣般愛護地球, 就是永恒清新 (forever fresh) 的本質,品牌承諾在採購其皇牌成分,同時致力於與當地社區責任的合作。我們承諾盡一分力,以確保為下一代保持世界forever fresh。

Our goal: To Improve our ingredient sourcing with respect to the planet and people, and make a positive impact in the communities where we source by 2030. How we're getting there: By partnering with Union for Ethical Bio Trade, the LVMH Research and Innovation Center, and local organizations to continuously improve our sourcing practices and local livelihoods where we source our ingredients. 100% of our skincare hero ingredients are traceable to their specific geographic origin.


Union For Ethical Bio Trade Member. Sourcing with Respect


道德生物貿易聯盟是一個非牟利協會,旨在促進尊重採購。 UEBT以讓大自然重生及並確保人們擁有更美好未來為使命。他們訂立標準,釐定生物多樣性道德採購的做法,獲得國際認可。

Eco-packaging - Our goal: To ensure 100% of product packaging is made with recycled material or is recyclable by 2025. How we're getting there: By implementing a respect, reduce, replace strategy, we utilize post-consumer resources and design packaging to be recyclable to help preserve the planet's resources. 56% of our paper product packaging is certified from responsibly managed forests


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