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See the difference with our newest innovation.

Tea Elixir

fresh’s revolutionary Tea Elixir Serum is scientifically proven to boost resilience and resistance to life stressors, giving you a smooth, visible glow. Powered by APT Technology™ to increase skin’s bioenergetic systems and antioxidant protection, the serum is scientifically proven to improve skin’s resilience by +62%.* How did we test the formula and define skin resilience? Let’s break it down.

*observed results, clinical study, self-assessment by scoring, 33 subjects, 8 weeks, based on an average of smooth, visible lines, look of pores, bounce (plump & elasticity), and glow

Clinical studies

We conducted clinical studies on skin resilience over the course of 8 weeks to measure the serum’s efficacy on the skin. Thirty-three panelists used Tea Elixir Serum and graded their visible results immediately, after 4 weeks, and after 8 weeks. They evaluated their skin in 5 different categories: smoothness, visible lines, look of pores, bounce (plumpness and elasticity), and glow. Each percentage is an average of the recorded results of all 33 panelists.

Increased user observed results overtime*

*observed results, self-assessment by scoring, 33 subjects, 8 weeks; “bounce” based on an average of plump & elasticity

Measuring “skin resilience

To get the claim +62% in visible skin resilience,* we measured the average of 5 indicators from the above clinical study. Each panelist graded their own results for each of the categories. Those percentages were averaged out to result in a proven increase of 62%!

*observed results, clinical study, self-assessment by scoring, 33 subjects, 8 weeks, based on an average of smooth, visible lines, look of pores, bounce (plump & elasticity), and glow

One formula for all

fresh proved Tea Elixir Serum works on all skin by testing it on over 500 people with different skin types and tones. To test all skin types—including normal, dry, oily, combination, and even sensitive—a dermatologist conducted a clinical assessment on an equal number of skin types to measure the product’s efficacy in a controlled environment. To test all skin tones, fresh used the Fitzpatrick Scale, which was developed by a dermatologist and categorizes all skin tones in 6 different photo types based on variables such as hair color, eye color, and how easily one burns versus tans. Note that all people fit into one of these groups. We tested the serum on an equal number from each category to prove efficacy on all skin tones.

Real people, real results

The pictures featured here show real people with real results. We directed the users to use Tea Elixir Serum twice per day, in the morning and at night, for 8 weeks.* Subjects were required to avoid using other serums and prolonged sun exposure, and to not take any oral or topical prescription medications that could interfere with product efficacy and results.

Real people. Real results. Real resilience with Tea Elixir Serum.

*one subject used the product for 4 weeks, as indicated in visuals

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