Emulsions to Treat Dehydration in All Skin Types

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Discover how a face emulsion can treat dry, dehydrated skin.

Rose Emulsion for Dehydrated Skin

An emulsion is a lightweight moisturizing formula ideal for all skin types. It's fast-absorbing and deeply penetrative, leaving you with soothed, smoothed, and hydrated skin. Read on to discover what dehydration is in the skin and how all skin types can benefit from emulsion skincare in their routine.

What are the signs of dehydrated skin?

When your skin is dehydrated, you may experience rough, flaky, or itchy skin while seeing more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. You don’t have to have a dry skin type to experience these skin conditions. In fact, excessive oiliness can also be a sign of dehydration. Oily skin lacks the necessary water, which results in a slower functioning skin barrier, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells that cause clogged pores.

All these signs of dehydration ultimately lead to one thing: unbalanced skin. Skin can become unbalanced from a number of lifestyle stressors. From spending too much time in the sun and a busy schedule to lack of sleep and to harsh environmental conditions – we’ve all been there. An imbalance in hydration also leaves your skin barrier compromised, making your skin more sensitive to external aggressors. This is where dehydration and irritation occur.

What does balanced, hydrated skin look like?

To treat dehydrated skin, understanding the skin mechanisms of balanced, hydrated skin is key. Balanced skin means the skin barrier is strong and healthy, and oil-water balance is achieved. Skin appears soft, smooth, and plump.

What are emulsions?

An emulsion is a specific type of moisturizer formulation. Unlike other moisturizers, Emulsions are comprised of tiny oil droplets evenly spread throughout a water base. Its low viscosity allows the molecules to penetrate dehydrated skin and be absorbed quickly, unlike thicker moisturizers.

All skin types benefit from a proper balance of water and oil. The unique texture of emulsions makes them ideal for all skin types, not just dry skin types. Oily skin needs water without extra weight, which can make emulsions even more suitable for oily skin types than traditional moisturizers.

How do emulsions treat dehydration?

Emulsions restore the oil-water balance needed for a strong skin barrier. Where some moisturizers can feel thick and heavy, emulsions provide instant and lightweight hydration that penetrates quickly into the skin to treat dehydration. Because they’re so lightweight, they’re a perfect addition to a hydration-targeted routine and can be used on their own or amplify the effects of a moisturizer. The result is smoother, softer-looking skin that is plump and hydrated.

How to use emulsions in your skincare routine

These hydrating agents can be used morning and night, and are easily incorporated into any skincare routine. Once you’ve used the cleanser, essence, and serum of your choice, an emulsion is your next step.

In the daytime, emulsions can be worn alone as the last step in your routine for a smooth, soft makeup base. In the evenings, emulsions can be layered under moisturizers for extra hydration and comfort. This is ideal for dry skin.

Unlock deep hydration with fresh

If you’re searching for an emulsion to treat dehydrated skin, look no further than fresh's new Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Emulsion. Its fast-absorbing, milky formula is proven to perfectly balance oil-water hydration in all skin types* with a weightless finish.

The Rose Deep Hydrating Balancing Emulsion is powered by Damask rose extract, which is scientifically proven to boost skin’s hyaluronic acid levels, protecting the skin barrier from water loss. It is selected out of 200 rose species for its unique composition and skin benefits.

*normal, dry, oily, combination

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