How to Maintain Your Skin's Water and Oil Balance

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Discover how balancing your skin's oil and water ratio unveils your best skin yet.

Maintain Skin's Water and Oil Balance

Have you woken up to an abundance of fine lines and wrinkles, seemingly overnight? Has your skin been extra sensitive or irritated lately? If so, the culprit may be dehydrated skin. To help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, explore how to spot the signs of skin dehydration and replenish your skin barrier with scientifically-proven, naturally-derived skincare from fresh. Smooth, hydrated skin is just around the corner!

What is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin. Dehydration can occur in every skin type – even oily types. When the skin is dehydrated, you may experience rough, itchy, or flaky skin while seeing more pronounced fine and dry lines. Your skin may even feel oily and inflamed, as oily skin lacks the necessary water, which can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells that cause clogged pores.

The causes can vary, but lifestyle stressors largely impact hydration. Too much time in the sun, a busy schedule, and lack of sleep can all weaken your skin’s natural resilience and leave the skin vulnerable to further skin aggressors.

Balanced skin is hydrated skin

Unbalanced skin and dehydration are signs of a weakened skin barrier. In order to treat dehydration, skin has to be restored to a state of balance. Balanced skin means the skin barrier is strong and healthy, and oil-water balance is achieved. Skin appears softer, smoother, and more plumped.

The ultimate treatment routine to combat dehydration

No matter what your specific skin concerns are, it’s essential to incorporate products into your routine that strengthen and restore the skin’s moisture barrier without causing irritation. When introducing new products to your routine, remember to start slowly to see how products affect your skin chemistry.

Cleanse and prep

The first staple product of every skincare routine is a cleanser. Cleansing, morning and night, removes makeup, dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin that may cause irritation and lead to dehydration. Our Soy pH Balanced Hydrating Face Wash gently washes away impurities, leaving skin clean and smooth. This soy-enriched formula goes beyond cleansing to soften texture and increase hydration even after you rinse. It maintains the skin’s pH balance, leaving the skin in a state of balance for the rest of your skincare steps.

After cleansing, toners help prepare your skin for a targeted serum treatment. Rose Deep Hydration Toner gently refines pores and removes excess impurities after washing your face. Powered by rose fruit extract and hyaluronic acid, it helps attract water molecules to strengthen the skin barrier while retaining moisture.

Treat with targeted serums

Serum is a key player in your skincare routine. To combat the effects of life stressors that lead to dehydration, reach for Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum. Tea Elixir boosts skin’s resilience to everyday life stressors. The result is smooth, glowing skin and diminished fine lines with results instantly and over time. Powered by fresh's proprietary APT Technology – extracted from a tea plant that has survived in harsh conditions against all odds – Tea Elixir fights current dehydration while preventing future skin imbalances.

Seal in hydration with emulsions and moisturizers

Now that your skin has received the benefits of a hydration-focused routine, it’s time to take it one step further to seal in all those skin-loving ingredients. Emulsions and moisturizers form the last step in your barrier-strengthening routine. Our new Rose Deep Hydrating Emulsion is a fast-absorbing, milky formula proven to perfectly balance oil-water hydration. This leaves skin deeply hydrated for petal softness without feeling heavy.

If you struggle with extremely dry or dehydrated skin and want to take things one step further, consider adding a moisturizer on top of your emulsion. Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream delivers 72-hour deep hydration through a duo of high and low hyaluronic acid molecules. Damask rose extract strengthens the skin’s barrier to lock in moisture and leave skin plump, soft, and hydrated.

Goodbye dehydration, hello petal-soft skin

Fresh hosts a range of collections for every skin type and concern – from our antioxidant-rich kombucha collection to our detoxifying umbrian clay products – browse our selection of safe, sensorial skin and body-care products to find your new favorite skincare essentials.

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