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the story

"Inspired by the world's first cream, Crème Ancienne contains such fragile ingredients that each must be poured in a particular sequence at a specific dose at a determined temperature all in perfect balance—requirements that can only be met by hand. We turned to a monastery to hand-blend each jar because monks are an important part of the cream's heritage. Historically, if a formula was not produced by a monk, it was considered witchcraft. Without them, the original formula would not exist today."


—Lev Glazman & Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders

the benefits

This level of precision, attention to detail, and scientific advancement culminates in the ultimate age-delay treatment with undeniable results.

Crème Ancienne is proven to have an immediate smoothing effect on wrinkles.

Crème Ancienne is proven to provide instant, long-lasting hydration.

Monks have been the keepers and protectors of knowledge throughout history and were considered the pharmacists of their time.

It took Fresh over a year to find the perfect monastery in the Czech Republic, about an hour and half outside of Prague.

Fresh's chemists have been working with the monks for a decade to bring this ancient formula into modern relevance through their hands.

Crème Ancienne products

Supreme Results for Ageless Skin

Unearth the age-defying power of precious roots and botanicals.

Fight Signs of Aging & Supremely Nourish
Sale Price$ 240.00
Fights Signs of Aging Around the Eyes
Sale Price$ 165.00
Crème Ancienne science

After 1 Use:

Smooths the appearance of wrinkles by 21% in total area and 20% in total length*

After 4 Weeks:

Leaves skin 44% more youthful-looking*

*in-vivo test

the ingredients

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