What Is Emulsion Skincare?

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Find out which products should form part of your emulsion skincare routine.

What is Emulsion Skincare?

If you don’t know about the newest addition to our Rose Deep Hydration Collection, you’re in luck because you can consider this a formal introduction to what is arguably our most exciting innovation thus far. Introducing our Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Emulsion, a lightweight, milky elixir specifically created to give your skin the required hydration without the weight of a moisturiser. In case you’re wondering what an emulsion is and why it should form part of your skincare routine, keep reading as we explore this further.

Unpacking what emulsions are

Where moisturisers are thicker and creamier, emulsions are thin, relatively fluid, and have a milky appearance. Emulsions are not new in Eastern skincare culture, in fact, they are quite a prominent feature thereof. Now, it seems they are becoming quite popular in the Western world, too.

Industry experts have highlighted what makes emulsions appealing, stating that the fact that emulsions are formulated as an oil suspended in water, which creates a lightweight yet ultra-hydrating solution that sinks into the skin immediately, has made them gain much traction.

Emulsions are full of emollients and, much like moisturisers, are able to seal in moisture to strengthen the health of the skin barrier. However, they differ from creams, lotions and gels because they’re a lot lighter and more fluid.

Understanding skin types that can benefit from emulsions

Since emulsions are water-based, healthcare practitioners say they are most beneficial to people with oily and acne-prone skin, given their featherlight nature. This also works to help balance the skin’s oil-water ratio and decrease the likelihood of the skin producing excess oil.

Unlike some moisturisers, emulsions are also known for their lack of greasy residue, which is why they are championed for people who don’t like the feel of heavy lotions and creams on their skin. Emulsions are also suitable for people with dry skin who could do with an additional step between a hydrating serum and a moisturising cream.

How to use an emulsion in your skincare routine

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how you should use an emulsion in your skincare routine. Like most skin-related concerns, it depends on your preferences and your skin’s needs. Emulsions are generally best for layering because of their lightweight and fast-absorbing formulation.

To keep your skin even more hydrated, you could use an emulsion after applying a serum or before applying your sunscreen or a thicker moisturiser. This is most recommended for people with relatively dry skin because it offers another layer of moisture to lock the water and hydration in.

That’s not to say that people with combination or oily skin should steer clear of emulsions. If this is you, treat an emulsion as a moisturiser. Essentially, use an emulsion as the final step of your skincare routine to seal in moisture and avoid loss of water or hydration.

Determining the most suitable emulsion skincare for your skin type

Our new Rose Deep Hydration Balancing Emulsion comes highly recommended for various skin types. It’s able to instantly penetrate the skin without clogging the pores or adding weight to your skin because of how featherlight it is.

Comprising damask rose extract, rosewater, low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, and rose and yarrow extract, the gentle milky formula provides the skin with the necessary hydration and nutrients, helping it maintain the perfect oil-water balance for overall comfort and health.

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