How to Get Petal Skin

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Discover how to get skin so soft it’s likened to a flower petal in five steps.

how to get petal skin

You might be wondering what petal skin is. Well, it’s exactly that – skin so soft and beautiful that it’s likened to a perfect flower petal. Naturally, many pursue such soft and velvety skin, but is there a way to achieve it? The short answer is yes, with just the right skincare routine. Below we’ll take a closer look at how to achieve petal skin in just five steps.

First, exfoliate

The first step is to exfoliate your skin, which is recommended to prepare your skin for hydration. Exfoliating is one of the best ways to get rid of dead skin, which is key for smooth and bright-looking skin. Exfoliating also makes the rest of the products you use more effective. fresh’s Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator is one of the best-selling exfoliators on the market and does a good job of ridding your skin of dead skin cells and nourishing your skin. This is achieved through a combination of brown sugar, strawberry seeds, plum seeds and grapeseed oils. By using this exfoliator three to four times a week and leaving it on your skin for up to 10 minutes, you’ll achieve the best results. How often you use it on your skin is dependent on how sensitive your skin is.

Second, apply an essence

Now, you need to hydrate your skin. The first step in this process is applying a facial essence. What a facial essence does is penetrate the skin to combat fine lines and wrinkles, or the formation thereof. Our Kombucha Antioxidant Facial Treatment Essence comprises double-fermented kombucha, stocking it to the brim with powerful antioxidants that are crucial for protecting and repairing the skin. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and artemisia flower in the formula is also beneficial for hydrating the skin and improving skin tone. Pat a bit onto your skin while it’s still slightly damp to instantly boost your skin’s hydration.

Third, smooth on a serum

Thereafter, it’s time to apply the serum. Our Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum is ideal for nourishing and softening the skin. The addition of squalane, rosehip oil, damask rose extract, and rosewater makes the skin plump and radiant. Collectively, these hydrate the skin while creating a stronger barrier for longer-lasting health.

Fourth, time for an emulsion

One of the best additions to your skincare routine is an emulsion, which gives ultimate hydration. It effectively balances your skin’s oil-to-water ratio. The Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Emulsion is our new offering worth noting; it’s a milky, skin-balancing elixir made with damask rose extract, hyaluronic acid, and yarrow extract. Its lightweight formulation doesn’t weigh your skin down and it does a great job of locking in skin hydration to ensure that your skin stays comfortable, soft, and smooth for longer.

Fifth, moisturise

The last step is to seal the deal with a durable moisturiser or a lightweight overnight face mask. This will be guided by what your skin can handle. Our Floral Recovery Calming Mask is a great option, leaving you with soft and supple skin. Alternatively, our Black Tea Peptide Firming Overnight Mask is ideal for achieving softer skin without compromising on elasticity. It works overnight so that you awaken to refreshed and radiant skin to enjoy throughout the day. When it comes to a worthy moisturiser, the Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturiser is a great pick for all skin types. This hyaluronic acid moisturiser is loved especially because of its fast absorption.

Enjoy radiantly beautiful skin

Your skincare routine will be guided by your skin type and your skin’s needs. If you’re looking for personalised advice and recommendations, our fresh beauty advisers are available for individual consultations to focus specifically on your skin concerns and needs. Tap into their wealth of knowledge when you book a session to find out more.

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