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Floral ingredients reimagined to enhance your skincare.

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At fresh, we draw our inspiration from the power of nature to heal and rejuvenate – extracting the essence of natural remedies for the benefit of both your skin and your senses. Take rose-infused baths, a staple in Cleopatra’s beauty regimen, which we've repurposed into a face mask. Similarly, we've reimagined the revered lotus plant, known in Southeast Asia for its culinary and medicinal uses, for skincare. Through our Rose, Lotus, and Floral Recovery Collections, we combine the vitality of flora with scientific innovation to offer skin benefits that you can see and feel.

Damask rose extract

Known as "nature's wonder", the rose symbolises elegance and beauty. Cleopatra is believed to have bathed in rose petals, presumably due to their cosmetic properties and luscious fragrance. We examined 200 species of roses and chose the Bulgarian damask rose for its exceptional capacity to absorb and maintain moisture.

The damask rose, sourced from Bulgaria's Rose Valley, undergoes a meticulous extraction procedure for our product range. Freshly bloomed roses are handpicked in a controlled environment before sunrise and dried under low temperatures. The flower then undergoes gentle hydrolysis at 50°C using a single enzyme to extract its bioactive molecules. The final step involves purifying the molecules through ultrafiltration and nanofiltration to create our iconic damask rose extract.

Enjoy all the benefits of damask rose extract in our best-selling Rose Collection, which includes daily skincare essentials, from toners and serums to face creams and masks—scientifically proven to positively impact natural hyaluronic acid levels and fortify the skin's barrier, offering protection against water loss. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy mood-enhancing properties with every formula.

Super Lotus

Regarded as sacred, the lotus plant has existed for over 138 million years, holding significant reverence across various cultures. The lotus plant emerges from murky waters to bloom into a beautiful flower—little wonder it’s regarded as a symbol of purification. Every part of this respected plant—from petals and roots to seeds and stem—is utilised in Southeast Asia for purposes ranging from food and fabric production to skin remedies.

The Super Lotus extract found in our products, which captures the plant's active molecules to help preserve skin's youthful appearance, has been sourced from Ten Mile Creek in Alabama. The extraction process entails meticulous handpicking of the plant from the water during full bloom, followed by immediate measurement by scientists to verify the active molecules' integrity. From there, all plant elements are delicately pressed to extract their juices. Further concentration through a youth-fractioning technique yields our exclusive Super Lotus ingredient. All residual plant matter is returned to the soil to ensure environmental equilibrium.

The Super Lotus extract targets initial signs of ageing by smoothing fine lines, enhancing the skin’s glow, and protecting against daily stressors. These benefits are a vital component of our entire Lotus Collection, which includes day and night moisturisers, eye and mask treatments, and a super-effective AHA night serum.

Floral Recovery

In Greek mythology, Achillies used cornflowers to remedy his wounds, owing to their calming and anti-inflammatory properties. We set out to explore the potential of other flowers in curating a treatment mask that effectively evens out skin complexion while providing a calming effect. Our Floral Recovery Calming Mask includes cornflower, passionflower, peony, and cherry blossom, each chosen for their soothing prowess and ability to reduce visible redness, even for sensitive skin types. Each of these ingredients undergoes a specific extraction process to harness their skincare benefits:

  • Cornflower water, known for its refreshing and soothing effect on the skin, is obtained through a steam distillation process to extract its potency.
  • Passionflower oil, rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, reduces visible redness and soothes skin discomfort. Its nourishing oil is produced by pressing the seeds and concentrating the extract.
  • Peony extract, which helps soothe, hydrate, and even skin tone, is steeped from the root bark at room temperature and filtered several times over a week.
  • Cherry blossom extract, which improves skin texture and offers calming benefits, is derived from carefully hand-picked flowers to avoid damaging the cherry trees. The flower's most valuable botanical compounds are isolated and steeped from the root bark to create the extract.
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