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Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Our #1 bestselling moisturizer now delivers 72-hr deep hydration in a silky, lighter texture for strengthened, dewy skin that's plumped with moisture.

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Ways It Hydrates

72 hr deep hydration

Proven to strengthen the skin's barrier

What You See

98% felt immediately plumped with moisture

98% noticed skin was dewy

Take Your Hydration Deeper

Double the Hyaluronic Acid

Your skin naturally loses water from both the surface and deeper layers of the epidermis, so it's important to have hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights to hydrate skin at both levels:

1. High molecular weight (1,500 kDA) HA instantly hydrates the skins surface.

2. Low molecular weight (50 kDA) instantly hydrates the deeper layers of the epidermis to maintain deep hydration.

Eco-Extraction Process

Damask rose extract is a multifunctional extract sourced from Rose Valley, Bulgaria and is extracted with a sustainable approach using only water as a solvent. It was selected out of 200 species for it's specific composition including helping to attract and retain moisture while strengthening the skin's barrier.

The roses are handpicked before dawn during blooming season (May-June). A single enzyme gently hydrolyzes the flower to extract it's bioactive molecules. They are then purified and concentrated in one potent extract.

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