Super Lotus

Super Lotus

What makes it “super”? The multi-benefit properties of the entire living lotus plant are captured in one power ingredient that targets the first signs of aging by significantly boosting radiance and hydration, strengthening the skin’s barrier, and delivering antioxidant protection from free radical damage.

Lotus Technology

The Technology

Super Lotus is obtained through a highly sustainable process used to capture the natural power of the whole living lotus plant directly at the source.

At a lotus farm from late June through mid-August, plants are handpicked right from the water while they are in full bloom.

This innovative technology utilizes an on-site mobile lab so that the lotus doesn’t have to leave the farm for processing. Inside the mobile lab, a scientist measures the plants to ensure that they are still alive. Next, the whole lotus plant is gently pressed to extract the juice, which is then further concentrated to create our multi-benefit Super Lotus ingredient. Any plant by-products are returned to the soil to help maintain ecological balance.

Using all parts of the fresh, living lotus—flower, stem, leaf, and root—while keeping their active molecules intact allows us to deliver great efficacy and potency.

“Having existed for over 138 million years, the lotus is considered sacred in many cultures. Known as a symbol of purification, it rises through murky waters to blossom into a stunning flower. In Southeast Asia, there is such respect for this plant that they use every part—petals, roots, seeds, and stem—for food, fabric, and as a remedy for the skin. When I learned all of this, I became consumed with tapping into the flower’s resilient beauty and strength—and leveraged it for our multi-benefit Super Lotus ingredient to preserve skin’s youth.”

―Lev Glazman, fresh co-founder