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Welcome to a fresh take, where we welcome experts from all backgrounds to have mindful conversations around relevant topics, all timed, perfectly to your masking experience. Sit back, apply your favorite mask and press play.

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Hi, I'm Michael from the Communications team at fresh. Today on ‘A fresh Take’ we welcome Carlo Marenda. Who's going to take us on a journey to Alba Italy, which is in the south of the Piemonte region. The land of a rare and precious ingredient, the white truffle, a new hero ingredient for the fresh clemency and white truffle overnight mask. Carlo is the co-founder of Save the Truffle, an organization that fresh is supporting and whose mission is to protect the biodiversity and salvo affair of the white truffle in this world heritage UNESCO site. Carlo, welcome, Benvenuto. Hello.

[GUEST] Carlo: (01:19)

So happy to be here and talk with you and the people of fresh.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (01:24)

So Carlo you are about to take us on a journey to region in Italy, the Piemonte region. Now, when I, and I think a lot of people think of Piemonte, the Nebbiolo grape comes to mind for the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines, but that's not what we're here to talk about today. We're here to talk about something that can't be cultivated, something a bit secretive, something known by only a small group of men, the white truffle Tartufo Bianco, as you say, in Italian, can you tell us first, what exactly it is?

[GUEST] Carlo: (02:05)

The why to truffle is a re mushroom that's bored and leave inside the, the soil, the chemical composition is 80% water and 20% the mineral salt. So it's need specific thematic condition in order to warn to develop and particularly it's need that dog noise to be found. It cannot be found by the people

[MODERATOR] Michael: (02:51)

I've heard the white truffle be called white gold, most likely because the smell is so fragrant and the trouble is so, but what else makes it so special?

[GUEST] Carlo: (03:04)

The white, the truffle from Alba and the, from Vermont, the region is very special because, uh, also the, the soil, the land of these ARRA is a special [inaudible] of sanding and the mile with very high pH value. There is also a spectacular claim at the condition on this territory with you immediately. And the rain from the hand of the summer time today begin of the Optima CSUN.

[GUEST] Carlo: (03:49)

The white, the truffle, uh, represented the history of, uh, of guimont 30 John. It represented the history [inaudible] family that the 200 years ago give it the first, the white, the truffle to the other Royal family, or for Europe, it was also color the gray dire finding the white truffle is not the same every here, because, uh, all of the knowledge he's handed the down the verbally, the information is also passing from the generation to generation for the training of the dog. The white truffle is connected to the whole two man winter season. From the hand of September to the beginning of January in the autumn season, we have a dedicated climate condition, the tree change color, the fog, the rise from the bottom of the ballet, and then bill ops or the boots you immediately is the best situation for the development of the white truck.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (05:09)

You know, Carlo, I saw the documentary recently released here in the states, uh, The Truffle Hunters, which by the way, you're seeing was absolutely fantastic. And I think it was really captivating to see that you go in and hunt travel at night. Can you explain to us why do you do that? And what does that even feel like?

[GUEST] Carlo: (05:28)

Yes, sure. We prefer to go the handling of the white truffle at the night for several reasons. First, the, the tranquility in the boots is best at the, at the night we built water, other truffle Lander that the fall of and find our secret place. Also they, the immediately condition is, uh, best at the night, which would release the smell of the white truffle. You immediately clean completely the soil during the night. So for the dog, it's easy to smell and find the trough in the, during the night that there is no sound, no other people in, uh, in the Forester and we are alone.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (06:25)

That's just so fascinating. And you know, we talk a lot about traceability at fresh knowing exactly where our ingredients come from, but I really think it's charming that this naturally reoccurring and self restoring white truffle is hunted at night and is the hero ingredient for our newest mask. The overnight truffle mask. In fact, some of our listeners right now might actually be putting on this mask and preparing for bed. But when you tell me that, I imagine you'd be putting it on and actually going out to hunt the truffle at night. So you recorded an evening for us. And right now we're hearing some of this journey. Now, can you take us with you? Like step-by-step

[GUEST] Carlo: (07:18)

We walk in the woods for a long time with the help of the dog that we, we can try to guide the buyer, a special senior connected to the, to the handling of the white truck. We see all the time that the dog that we need the clothes to, to passive to understand that the movement of the dog, every change of the direction, every time his knee and dealer he's arrived close to the, to the truck sometime. And we never used the flashlight. We just, the, her, the movement of the dog, a smaller tree of the leaves for us NEPA from the dome, that is the senior that we have find the wide, the truck. Then we smell the soil. We want to understand if there is the travel or in the other way, we continued to walk until we find a great diamond.

[GUEST] Carlo: (08:34)

The relationship between the truffle Antar and the dog is very strong, intense, emotional. It's like a, see two people in love with a different goal to find the white truck, many truffle hunter, especially, the oldest one, ever more attention and law towards the dog. Then towards the Y. This is something that seems incredible to explain it, but it's a very strong

[MODERATOR] Michael: (09:15)

That, that’s fantastic. Well, this has been terrific Carlo. We've learned so much about this incredible ingredient, the white truffle journey together through the forest and understood the deep passion for the connection, both to the forest, into the trouble hunting dog. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time. It was

[GUEST] Carlo: (09:35)

My pleasure.

[MODERATOR] Michael: (09:37)

Join us for another episode of a fresh take, where Carlo will speak to us, how precious supporting his organization, Save the Truffle, and how they are preserving this unique treasure and passion.

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Thanks for listening to a fresh take and indulging in some feel-good beauty for the skin and mind.

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