Gift Sets

  • A trio of lip treatments that moisturise, define, and tint in kissable sheer pinks.

    Sale Price£33.00
  • A perfect pair: our best-selling face wash and award-winning lip balm.

    Sale Price£18.00
  • A flight of best-selling masks for every skin #mood so you can give your complexion what it's craving.

    Sale Price£69.00
  • A skin-softening Rose hydration ritual that lets you mask, tone, moisturise, and tint the lips.

    Sale Price£50.00
  • An everyday skincare routine packed with firming benefits and essential antioxidant protection.

    Sale Price£108.00
  • A trio of face treatments that hydrate and more for those much-needed masking moments.

    Sale Price£95.00
  • A buff beauty lip treatment set featuring a sugar scrub and rosy-pink shades.

    Sale Price£38.00
  • A brown sugar and caramel dessert for your lips to polish and perfect.

    Sale Price£19.00
  • A set of best-selling lip treatments in shades for every mood, plus Fresh Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.

    Sale Price£48.00
  • Ace your skincare game with this 4-step ritual. No training required.

    Sale Price£51.00
  • A can’t-live-without duo that delivers a clean complexion and nourished lips.

    Sale Price£19.00
  • Give lips a smooth, soft sheen with this lip-perfecting pair.

    Sale Price£20.00
  • A Sugar lip trifecta that preps, nourishes, and protects your pout while leaving a hint of pink.

    Sale Price£24.00