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Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum

Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum

Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum

Select Size : 100ml
An iconic fragrance that blends zesty citruses, soft florals, and sweet gourmand notes
Select Size : 100ml

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The scent that made fresh famous, Sugar Eau de Parfum features an utterly addictive blend of zesty citruses, soft florals, and sweet gourmand notes. Top Notes:  lemon, Brazilian sweet orange, bergamot Middle Notes:  jasmine petals, petitgrain, heliotrope, fresh rose Base Notes:  caramel, vanilla leaf, transparent musk “I wanted to capture the essence of sugar: Its addictive flavor. Its crystallized purity. The comfort it provides. And the nostalgia it evokes.” —Lev Glazman, fresh co-founder


Alcohol Denat.

Parfum (Fragrance)

Aqua (Water)







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Where should I apply it?

Definitely your wrists (just don’t rub them together since it disrupts the scent’s chemistry), your neck, and even your hair (the scent lasts longest there!).

How can I make my fragrance last longer?

Apply it to hydrated skin.

What should I layer this with to make a custom scent?

Layer a citrus with a citrus for a cheerful, refreshing scent. Pair a floral and a citrus for fresh, crisp floral scent. Mix woodsy and citrus for a sophisticated, modern scent. Pair fruity and citrus for a sweet, joyful scent.