A gift of fresh roses

We feel loved when we’re gifted roses – a timeless symbol of love, passion and gratitude.

We would love to spread the love to you with this gift of roses, in the form of freshly curated

stay-home artisanal workshops for you to stop and smell the roses with.

We have specially handpicked four local artisans to create Rose-inspired crafts to brighten up your space.

The best part? You can create these masterpieces in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Have a cozy craft session with your family, or enjoy it with your friends virtually.

Stay home, stay inspired!

Love, Your Fresh Family

Dance in Watercolor

with Mel


Pick up your paint brushes and let your creative juices flow! Start with the rose template that we’ve prepared for you, or go wild with a blank canvas.

What you need: Watercolors, paint brushes, palette, 1x Glass of water, 1x Sheet of Kitchen Towel, printed templates on A5 Paper (250-300gsm)


Take Nature Indoors

with Shilbe


Nature does wonders for the soul – why not bring it to your indoor spaces, too! Pick up simple tips and tricks on how to freshen up your space with touches of nature.

What you need: Vessels (anything that holds water!), Plant materials: Floral cuttings / flower (you can get them from supermarkets or florists)

Art meets Fashion

with Clayrene


Haute couture is not just for the runway! Learn to illustrate a couture piece using nail polish and watercolor. Download both templates and let’s get started!

What you need: Pencil, Scissors, Glue, Nail Polishes (your choice – we recommend glitter for that extra sparkle), printed templates on A5 Paper (250-300gsm), 1x Tray (larger than A5)


Sweetest Dreams

with Autumn


Sweet dreams are made of these: dreamy, hand-crafted macramé pieces! Craft your very own dreamcatcher to hang over your bed - because you deserve better sleep.

What you need: 1xWooden Stick/Branch, colored yarns, scissors

Another rose is blooming…

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