Soy Collection

Why Soy?

"In the early ’90s, there was a buzz about the benefits of soy, but there wasn’t much talk about its effects on the skin. We researched the natural ingredient for a few years and introduced soy to the beauty market in 1999. As our first venture into skincare, the Soy Collection continues to hold a special place in our hearts."

-Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, fresh founders

Ingredient that works

Soy protein

Cucumber extract

Aids in soothing the skin

Soy protein


Notable for its calming and balancing properties

Soy protein

Soy proteins

Help maintain skin elasticity and suppleness

Soy Face Cleanser 20th Anniversary Edition

Soy Face Cleanser
20th Anniversary Limited Edition

Our best-selling face wash with soy proteins that cleanses and removes makeup—without stripping the skin—in a limited-edition 20th anniversary size.


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soy how to use

How to use:

  1. Squeeze into damp hand

  2. Massage in circles to removes makeup and impurities

  3. Rinse with water for clean, supple skin
Soy Your Daily essentials

Prep & Protect with your daily essentials

  • Soy Face Cleanser: gently wash away the day's dirt, grime & makeup
  • Black Tea Kombucha Facial Antioxidant Essence: protect from pollution & boost luminosity.

  • $68

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Soy Why Our Cleanser is #1

Why our cleanser is #1

  1. Effectively cleanses and removes face and eye makeup

  2. Leaves skin feeling supple with soy proteins

  3. Soothes, softens, and balances skin


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The proof*

Soy Cleanser 20th Anniversary
100% 97% 93%
reported it thoroughly removed makeup felt their skin was more supple said it perfectly soothed and softened the skin

*self-assessment on 29 subjects for 4 weeks

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