The Heart of Gifting

Fresh is the ultimate gift-giving destination. No matter how big or small, an act of kindness touches the heart, and we are constantly seeking out ways to make this exchange even more special. Experience the warmth of gift-giving and share the discovery of Fresh.

Sensorial Indulgences

With addictive scents, sublime textures, and artisanal patterns, a Fresh Gift completely ignites and delights the senses. Transform someone's everyday routine into an unforgettable ritual.

Get Inspired

Gifting Tip

Save the ornate paper of your used Oval Soaps to use as refurbished gift-wrapping. Not only is it beautiful but it also carries the scent of the Oval Soap.


“Taking the time to choose an Oval Soap for someone—selecting the fragrance and artisanal pattern that best captures a person—adds a touch of personalization that makes it a truly special gift.”

Gifting Tip

When gifting anything with pockets (handbag, travel case, coat, pants – anything!), tuck a Fresh Eau de Parfum Rollerball into one for a surprise bonus gift!


“A hand-wrapped soap is the gift of an aroma that will take the mind somewhere while spending a quiet cleansing moment. It is the gift of adventure and escape that is incredibly easy to share.”

Gifting Tip

Spritz your wrapping and tissue paper with your favorite Fresh Fragrance.

Luxury Tailor Made

Curate a collection of personalized Fresh Favorites that are sure to touch the heart and inspire a smile. Elevate the exchange with complimentary artisanal wrapping. Our iconic blue boxes make each gift as precious as the discovery inside.

Create the Perfect Gift

Gifting Tip

Always seal your card with a Fresh Sugar kiss.

Giving Ritual Step 1

Determine if the gift is a thoughtful gesture, a grand indulgence, or something in between.

Gifting Tip

When wrapping gifts, tie your favorite Sugar Lip Treatment into the bow of your ribbon.

Giving Ritual Step 2

Curate a collection of personalized Fresh Favorites that are sure to touch the heart.

Giving Ritual Step 3

Elevate the exchange with complimentary artisanal wrapping.

Fresh Wishes

What Fresh essentials are you wishing for this holiday season? Share your Fresh Wish with us for a chance to make it come true. We're granting 24 wishes this month, and yours just may be one.


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