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"Inspired by the world's first cream, Crème Ancienne contains such fragile ingredients that each must be poured in a particular sequence at a specific dose at a determined temperature all in perfect balance—requirements that can only be met by hand. We turned to a monastery to hand-blend each jar because monks are an important part of the cream's heritage. Historically, if a formula was not produced by a monk, it was considered witchcraft. Without them, the original formula would not exist today."


—Lev Glazman & Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders

the benefits

This level of precision, attention to detail, and scientific advancement culminates in the ultimate age-delay treatment with undeniable results.

Crème Ancienne is proven to have an immediate smoothing effect on wrinkles.

Crème Ancienne is proven to provide instant, long-lasting hydration.

Monks have been the keepers and protectors of knowledge throughout history and were considered the pharmacists of their time.

It took Fresh over a year to find the perfect monastery in the Czech Republic, about an hour and half outside of Prague.

Fresh's chemists have been working with the monks for a decade to bring this ancient formula into modern relevance through their hands.

Supremely Precious.
Supremely Powerful.

Crème Ancienne Supreme Face Serum is crafted with nine exotic roots and botanicals, concentrated ingredients meticulously extracted from the most potent part of the plant to help nourish and combat global signs of aging.

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Proven to provide 24-hour moisture

94% noticed more supple skin after 28 days

Proven to smooth the appearance of wrinkles by 21% in total area and 20% in total length

100% said their skin was smooth and elasticity was improved

Proven to have a significant moisturising effect for 6 hours

97% noticed their skin was more hydrated, silky, and velvety

Proven to have long-term firming, hydrating, and smoothing effects

100% felt it had a hydrating and nourishing effect

Proven to significantly moisturise the skin for 6 hours

97% felt it conditioned their skin

Proven to have a significant immediate smoothing effect

97% felt their skin was nourished

Proven to have an immediate smoothing effect on wrinkles

97% felt it moisturised and prevented dry skin

Nourish & Visibly Smooth Wrinkles
Sale Price£220.00
Fight Signs of Aging & Supremely Nourish
Sale Price£190.00
Moisturise & Improve Elasticity
Sale Price£116.00
Firm & Visibly Reduce Signs of Aging
Sale Price£94.00
Condition & Tone
Sale Price£78.00
Hydrate & Smooth the Complexion
Sale Price£212.00
Nourish & Visibly Smooth Wrinkles
Sale Price£220.00