Fresh Moments with McKel Hill

A spotlight on Fresh people

McKel Hill

Registered dietitian nutritionist, wellness coach, and blogger

A Nashville-based registered dietitian nutritionist s and founder of the blog Nutrition Stripped, McKel is on a mission to provide ways for others to enjoy simple, delicious food and live a more balanced and healthy life.


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Right now I’m loving…

“…life! Life is beautiful and I’m grateful for each day—especially spending summer nights with people I love, morning runs with my puppy Luna, and launching my debut cookbook!”

I dream of…

“…continuing to practice work-life balance, remembering what’s most important in life at the end of the day, and practicing gratitude every day. I dream of expanding Nutrition Stripped in a big way in the next 1 to 2 years so I can help more people beyond what I can now, and it’s damn exciting!”

I’m inspired by…

“…food, nature, the Nutrition Stripped community, and my clients who are the most humble, grateful, and motivated people I’ve come to know. I’m constantly inspired by tasting different foods when I travel—that keeps me on my toes in the culinary realm.”

I feel most Fresh when…

“…I take off all of my makeup and put on something cozy, make a big mug of tea, and spend time with my love and my puppy Luna.”

My sacred beauty ritual consists of…

“…cold water, dry brushing, and a facial massage. At the end of both my morning and nighttime skincare routine, I splash cold water on my face five times and do a couple of rounds of 30 seconds in a cold shower—it’s incredible for circulation.”

Words to live by:

Ware tada shiru taru, which translates to ‘All you need, you already have.’”

For more beauty-boosting recipes, check out McKel’s new book Nutrition Stripped.


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