Fresh Moments with Coco Ho

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Coco Ho

Professional Surfer

]Coco is a professional surfer born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Following in the footsteps of her family, she began surfing at 7 years old and has since won more than 25 surfing awards. Coco is currently ranked as the 12th top female surfer in the world.

I started surfing because…

“…my brother did it. I grew up in a surf family. In Hawaii, going to the beach is the first thing you do after school. I started admiring the ocean and being on a board, and I eventually started standing up. I imitated everything my brother did, just trying to get his approval.”

Preparation means…

“…being very aware of my surroundings and where I’m competing. I like to know the ocean, the tides, my equipment, what boards work well there. I think it’s all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Words to live by:

“I’m all about truly being yourself. Confidence, charisma, and character outshine any beauty. No matter what you look like or what you do, it’s your character that’s going to outshine everything.”

Beauty is…

“…a huge part of my lifestyle. I’m in the sun and salt water every day. Preparation before surfing is key to making the most of the whole day. Sunscreen for me is number one. After I surf, I pamper myself: I load my hair with oil and moisturize and cleanse my skin. I love doing a hydrating mask to reward my skin after a long day in the sun.”

My most valuable life lesson…

“…is learning about the ocean. My dad is always teaching me about it. I think that’s the biggest part of being a successful surfer—to be able to go out and adapt to changing conditions or different reefs around the world.”

#SportYourSugar means…

“… to rock everything with a little bit of confidence and be proud of what you have. It’s about being you and not trying to conform to any trend or any mood. Just be confident with who you are and stoked with what you have.”

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