Fresh Moments with Christina Tosi

A spotlight on Fresh people

Christina Tosi

The Brooklyn-based owner and founder of Milk Bar, Christina is a 2012 James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year, a 2015 James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef award-winner, and a judge on MasterChef.

Words to live by:

“Just be yourself.”

I feel most Fresh when…

“…I get back from a long, peaceful run.”

Right now I’m loving…

“…Jon Batiste and Stay Human’s social music NYC residency, and the fact that they’ll soon be Stephen Colbert’s in-house band!”

My sacred beauty ritual consists of…

“…plenty of water and a banana in the morning, an apple in the afternoon, and an orange before bed.”

I dream of…

“…buying an old, beat-up Ford pickup truck full of sweet dogs and living in a house in the woods, happy and in love.”

I’m inspired by…

“…motivated, independent thinkers who challenge how we see the day-to-day with fresh eyes. Bill Golderer, Mackenzie Rollins, and Paula Wachsstock to name a few.”

Christina’s Chocolate Malt Layer Cake Recipe


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