‘7 Skin Method’ Madness

Seventh time is the charm

Korean beauty bloggers have been obsessing over a hydrating ritual called the “7 skin method,” and we want in on it, too. The technique encourages you to lightly layer on a toner or essence 7 times, one after the other. It allows skin to drink in the benefits one layer at a time, and creates a dewy canvas that will better absorb serums and moisturizers applied after. But let’s be honest, they had us at “hydrating.”


All you need is an alcohol-free toner or essence that doesn’t dry out the skin.

Step 1:

Post-cleanse and while your skin is still damp, pour a dime-size drop into your palms and lightly pat onto your face, pressing upwards and outwards from your nose and moving to your forehead and chin, focusing on dry areas if needed.

Step 2:

Wait until it absorbs a bit and your skin feels damp (but not wet) and repeat the first step 6 more times.

Step 3:

Follow with the rest of your ritual—serum, moisturizer, and/or sunscreen.