• an intoxicating citrus scent

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    4.8 out of 5 stars
  • an intoxicating citrus scent

    Sale Price$ 23.00
    4.9 out of 5 stars
  • an intoxicating citrus scent

    $ 50.00 - $ 90.00
    4.7 out of 5 stars
  • an intoxicating citrus scent

    Sale Price$ 25.00
    4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Sale Price$ 14.00
  • an intoxicating citrus scent

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    4.7 out of 5 stars
  • an intoxicating citrus scent

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Ratings & Reviews

    • Hesperides Grapefruit
    • Love this soap. Leaves my skin feeling soft & clean. Also the scent is amazing. I leave one open in the guest bathroom & it fills the room with freshness,
    • ALEXIS, San Antonio, TX, USA
    • 5/5
    • Hesperides Lotion
    • I have been addicted to this product for years, as well as the body wash and scent spray. It is so fresh and clean smelling with a hint of grapefruit, and it keeps my skin soft all day long. The scent gets me every time
    • KrisC, California, USA
    • 5/5
    • Hesperides Soap
    • My husband loves this soap. He has tried more expensive/organic soaps from Whole Foods but always comes back to this one. The scent seems to last a long time but not as long as the smaller sized soaps.
    • mctrozzo, Long Beach, CA, USA
    • 5/5
    • Hesperides Grapefruit Oval Soap
    • The Fresh soaps are wonderful! I also place them (with beautiful wrapping) in my linen closet! My towels and linens have a fresh & clean fragrance which makes me happy :))
    • Laurie, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
    • 5/5
    • Hesperides is the "Happy" fragrance
    • I received a sample of the Hesperides Grapefruit and I loved the light, citrusy scent. It reminds me of spring and sunshine - instant mood-booster! I bought the rollerball and it's my go-to fragrance. Easy to swipe on without going overboard, easy to stash in a purse or cosmetics carrier on trips. Highly recommended.
    • zephyrgirl3, Baltimore, MD
    • 4/5
    • Hesperides Eau DE Parfum
    • Hesperides eau de Parfums is the perfect gift for both men and women. The scent is transcendent, as you are enveloped with the crisp, clean smell of grapefruit and bergamot. Theses notes meld together perfectly and allow your senses to be swept away to a place of serenity. I have used this uplifting signature scent for many years and am always asked, "What is that beautiful scent you have on?", by both men and women. It truly becomes a part of you as the day goes on.
    • Valgal, California
    • 5/5
    • Hesperides Grapefruit oval soap
    • Such a lovely fragrance. The best perk you could get as a bonus gift.
    • drpatty, Mississippi, USA
    • 5/5
    • It is my favorite. My good friend gave me a bottle for Christmas as I was out, it is the BEST gift!! I wear it year round -- so fresh and clean. I love all your products. :-)
    • Jholl5, Pasadena, CA, USA
    • 5/5
    • Great product, but wish it were available in Hesperides instead, as the fragrance is too sugary for me!
    • Effective product, but too sugary for me! Please offer in other fragrances, specifically Hesperides!
    • Athena, New York, NY, USA
    • 3/5
    • Summer delight
    • Hesperides is my summer goto scent. Bright, refreshing and delightful all day.
    • fmhos, Ohio, NE, USA
    • 5/5