Alchemist Spotlight: I Never Leave Home Without…

Get to know these Fresh faces

Sheena Farouk

I work at: Fresh South Coast Plaza

Time I’ve been with Fresh: 3 years

 I was inspired to join Fresh because…

...of how much we pride ourselves on hospitality. This hit close to home for me because growing up I would watch my mother treat every guest that came over like they were family. No guest ever went hungry or thirsty in our home and that translated so much to me with how we are here at Fresh. The first time I walked into a Fresh shop I felt as if I was home. Not only was the service stellar, but I felt so comfortable I didn’t want to leave!

My #SundaySkincare ritual:

I wash with Soy Face Cleanser (my fave) and immediately apply Rose Face Mask to dampen my skin. As I let it sit for 15 minutes I make a cup of tea while enjoying the fantastic aroma of roses on my skin. After I rinse, I apply the Peony Brightening Moisturizing Facial Toner followed by Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum. I let them work together for about a minute before applying my all-time favorite moisturizer Crème Ancienne Soft Cream! I finish with a spritz of Rose Floral Toner, and then I’m on my way to tackle the day.

What I always carry with me:

I ALWAYS make sure to never leave home without three essential things. This includes a bottle of water, Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment, and our Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum Rollerball!

My favorite beauty hack is…

pairing the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask with our Rose Face Mask. It is truly remarkable how much of a difference combining these two masks will make on your skin! I first apply a layer of Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask and let it dry for 4-8 minutes. I then apply the Rose Face Mask directly on top. I leave both of these masks on together for about 10-13 minutes. Upon removal my skin is soooo soft, bright and smooth. Not to mention my makeup glides right on after!