#SundaySkincare: A Clay Detox

A cleanse you’ll actually want to do

We’ve all jumped on the juice cleanse bandwagon only to fall off at the sight of a perfectly glazed donut. But we’ve got a different kind of detox that’s a bit more manageable: Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask. It instantly cleanses and purifies better than any cleanser you own. (Leave it on for 5-10 min and it becomes a mask!) The pore-mattifying mineral-rich clay will also balance your skin so you’re as clean as a 10-day juice cleanse and can eat whatever you want.

#SundaySkincare: give your skin a clay detox for the week ahead. #UmbrianClay

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Our multi-tasking mask cleanses, purifies, and spot treats

Pro tip: Mix Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask with Soy Face Cleanser for an extra deep clean. It’s like adding a shot of ginger to your go-to juice for those days you really need it.