Umbrian Clay

Purify & Balance

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“A friend of ours who lives in Italy suffered from acne for years and tried everything to treat her condition. Nothing worked—until she came upon an ultra-fine clay in a local herbal store. She mixed it with water and began using it as a weekly mask. The next time we saw her, her complexion was not only clear but completely flawless, and so began our search. We traced it back to the small Italian town of Nocera Umbra, the sole source of this naturally-occurring clay, and learned that it has been the basis of therapeutic treatments for centuries.”

—Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders

Umbrian Clay

  • A purifying, balancing, and non-comedogenic formula for normal to oily skin.

  • A mattifying treatment for normal to oily skin that tones and hydrates while minimizing the appearance of pores and controlling shine.

  • A purifying mask for normal to oily skin that can also be used as a cleanser or to minimize imperfections.

  • A purifying formula for normal to oily skin that gently polishes away dead skin cells and refines skin texture.

  • A deep cleanser and detoxifying mask for the face and body made from 100% pure Umbrian Clay.