Fresh Moments with Jimmy Chin

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Jimmy Chin

Professional Climber, Skier, Film Director, and Photographer

Jimmy is a Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based athlete who has climbed and skied Mount Everest and made first ascents up alpine towers in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. He also directed and starred in the documentary Meru that chronicles his ascent to the top of a 21,000-foot peak in northern India.

I started climbing and skiing…

“…when I finished college and was supposed to go to graduate school. I ended up moving into my car and really devoting my entire life to climbing and skiing. From a young age, I knew that life was short. I live with a certain sense of urgency because I want to do things that make me feel alive. Climbing and skiing do that for me.”

Risk to me…

“…has two sides and I think you’re constantly trying to find that really narrow line. When you don’t risk anything in life you don’t go anywhere. Some of the biggest projects and accomplishments that I’ve had in my career came when I took big risks.”

I thrive on…

“…really intense moments when the stakes are high and it could be life or death. It’s about calming your mind and your breath and getting focused on the task at hand. There are moments like that in filming where making a mistake is not an option. I don’t like those high pressure situations all the time, but they’re great experiences because they push you.”

My perfect day…

“…would be if my computer crashed and my email inbox was somehow annihilated by aliens, so that all of a sudden I had the entire day free. Then, my phone would accidentally drop in the toilet and stop working, and I would spend all day skiing.”

Favorite moment captured on camera:

“There are a couple of images from the top of Everest when we were skiing off or near the summit that really stand out to me. It took years of trying and training and thinking about it—to be up high and just feel almost like you’re in outer space. It’s really humbling, and you feel like the smallest speck in this grand universe.”

My skincare essentials:

“Spending a lot of time up in the mountains in really dry air, your skin and lips get hammered. There’s nothing worse than having cracked lips—it’s like bad style. When I head into the mountains, I always bring a lot of different essentials, including sunscreen and lip balm.”

#SportYourSugar means…

“…being aware of the details and taking care of yourself out in the mountains.”

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