• Deodorant

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    A gentle, alcohol-free formula enriched with sugar that prevents perspiration and provides complete, long-lasting protection from odour.

    Sale Price£17.00
  • Hair Care

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    A daily shampoo for all hair types that leaves strands soft, silky and shiny while improving overall manageability.

    Sale Price£24.00

    A daily rinse for all hair types that softens, smoothes, and revitalises from root to tip while adding amazing body.

    Sale Price£24.00
  • Shaving

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    A brushless, daily formula that delivers the ultimate shave.

    Sale Price£21.00

    A nourishing exfoliant made with pure brown sugar and strawberry seeds that refines and hydrates for a more radiant complexion.

    Sale Price£52.00

    An extra-gentle gel cleanser for all skin types that instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup.

    Sale Price£30.00