Umbrian Clay

Purifying Skincare

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Umbrian Clay

Fun facts about our proprietary ingredient

It's one of the earliest known cosmetic ingredients

It was thought to have a mystical meaning for the ancient Etruscans

It's found solely in the small Italian town of Nocera Umbra

It is rich in minerals to help purify, balance, and clarify the complexion

The Multi-Tasker

A must-have for all skin types, our iconic Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask can be used to:

Deeply cleanse

Instantly purify

Minimize small imperfections

This Fresh favorite has been
clarifying complexions
for 17 years

A multi-functional treatment that can be used as an instant purifying mask, daily deep cleanser, or to minimize small imperfections.

Sale PriceHK$490.00
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Perfect Pairing

Use soy face cleanser  before  umbrian clay purifying mask  to deeply cleanse and purify without drying out your skin.

“Works beautifully to deep clean. Unlike other clay masks, it goes on smooth. This is great for oily, clogged skin. I feel fresher and cleaner. The perfect gift for anyone with oily/problem skin.”
—KelseyY, Los Angeles, CA

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“Absolutely love this product. I use this as a daily deep cleanser and a weekly mask. My skin comes out squeaky clean, but never dry. I also feel like because my skin is so clean it absorbs my favorite moisturizer so much better.”
—Ivan, California, USA

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“This is probably my favorite mask. Why? Because it’s miraculous! Applying a bit of it on the pimple and leaving it for a while—the longer the better—makes the thing disappear in 2 days. I’ve never seen a mask do that! Love love love this mask.”
—KatL, East Bay Area, CA

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Hydrates &
Controls Shine

Minimizes the
Appearance of Pores

Deeply Cleanses
& Purifies

Skin Texture

Purifies &

Cleanses Face & Body

A Natural Partnership

designed by

To celebrate the rich history of Umbrian Clay, we commissioned Rometti, a ceramics workshop based in Umbria, Italy, to create limited-edition packaging for our cult classic Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask.

Meet the owner Massimo Monini and artistic director Jean Christophe Clair.

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Deeply Cleanses & Purifies

94% felt their
skin was softer
and more supple*

Sale PriceHK$490.00 | 100ml
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90% reported it
balanced their skin*

Sale PriceHK$200.00 | 30ml
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To use as a deep cleanser, apply a small amount
to damp skin and rinse. To use as a
mask, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.
To minimize small imperfections, dab on
affected area, allow to fully dry, and rinse.


Refines Skin Texture


Minimizes the
Appearance of Pores

90% said it gently
cleansed their skin
and smoothed their
skin texture*


Gently sweep over the face with a
cotton pad, avoiding the eye area. Can be used daily,
morning and night. Shake well before use.


Hydrates & Controls Shine

93% noticed
hydrated skin*

Sale PriceHK$345.00 | 30ml
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Apply to the face daily, morning and night.


Purifies & Balances

Proven to have a
antioxidative effect
for 24 hours*

Sale PriceHK$340.00 | 50ml
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Smooth over the face daily, morning and night.

Made from
100% Umbrian Clay


After rinsing the face or body, moisten and apply directly
to the skin. Allow to dry and then rinse. For a deeper
treatment, leave on for five minutes before rinsing. This
100% clay bar will dissolve in water. Always store in a
dry place after use.

*in-vivo test

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